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Help Tell The Stories That Last A Lifetime

The below is a message from my colleague Roger Foster, the Author of “A Man called Nicholas” A wonderful story, that I was privileged to Illustrate. The book is now ready to publish and promote after it’s initial run a couple of years ago… we need support… please read Roger’s message, and if you can’t assist, be kind enough to pass the message on to someone that may be able to , or may know of someone able to… and so on… Thanks


Most of the people in my life know that I have been working on a book and getting it published over the last three years. I have come to a point that the next steps require more than I can do alone. For that reason I have teamed up with a website called www.Kickstarter.com. Kickstarter has developed an effective system to facilitate crowd funding.

Crowd Funding
If crowd funding is new to you, it is simply this. People coming together to donate to a project and a shared vision.

The Vision
What is the vision that I am placing before you??? A strong publishing house creating great literature for kids. At 21st Century Classics we want to publish the books and tell the stories that children will remember and treasure for a lifetime. When children get beyond 1,2,3 or A,B,C books, what are the great stories that they hold in their hearts. Where are the stories that…
• stretch their imaginations?
• expand their vocabularies?
• enlarge their worlds?
• inform their minds?
• inspire their hearts?
• and deepen their thirst for knowledge?
Who is publishing those stories? We have a number of stories in our queue that are just

Those are the things that great literature does for accomplished readers. Why are we not crafting great stories for our children? In my experience, children have an almost limitless capacity to listen to a well told story. I have told stories to angry and hysterical children and watched them begin to calm down to the point that they can function in society again. I have told stories to Jr Hi students to help them understand critical segments of national and world history. Stories have amazing power. Jesus used them all the time. And they were so simple that a child can understand most of them. There is a place for great children’s literature. It is a publishing house called 21st Century Classics.

The Pitch
My request of you is simple. Go to the following link. Watch the video and read the short article.


(If clicking on it does not work, copy and paste it into the address bar on your browser.)

If the vision that I present appeals to you and serves your dreams for your children or grandchildren, select a level of support that works for your budget and make a commitment using your credit or debit card. My threshold goal is $12,000. Only If we reach that goal will the cards of each person contributing will be charged. If we do not reach the goal nothing happens, You pay nothing, and our vision for creating great literature for kids will be realized more slowly.

Double Your Impact
By stepping forward and making a commitment early you actually help the cause in an unexpected way. Kickstarter promotes those projects that are most funded because it is in their best interest to make the successes even more successful. If our project becomes recognized as one that people value, Kickstarter will highlight it on their home page. Folks who are simply curious about current projects will find us, and many will donate to a winning cause. Because of that practice, it is not uncommon for some of their projects to be funded at 10 or 20, or even 50 times the threshold goal.

At every level of support there is a different way that I would like to thank you. An e-book, an audio book, a signed copy of the book or illustrations from the book. Peruse you options and make your choice.

Triple Your Impact
If you have friends who would like to see great children’s literature, send the link to them and ask them to partner with you in making this vision a reality.

Thank you.

Roger D. Foster

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