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Poems 3


When i was Alone and sad / then one day i dialed a random Number / and i sing a song / Plz call me / i Lost / when i woke / when i sleep…


i m listening the voice / of footsteps / pehraps / MY LOVE / will come back


sometime plz / come and touch the tears of mine / u feel dew / but they can burn ur hands / ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

if she…….

My Heart is very Restless / if she ask me how r u? / Her Hate i feel LOVE / if She think Abt me? / I shall Spread my EYES in her WAY / if S…


She did not FEEL the / SOFTNESS of FLOWERS / AND / She Broke me in SHATTERD / and ask me / I SHALL CARE OF U


first we meet daily countless / i love her personaily / her power / her confidence / her proudness / i seen her many faces / some time hoo…


i m in hurry bcz i cant trust eletricity / this is new poem u my all friend / ting tong / bobby 19 april 2010 / bob

my madness

when my lips wounded / then i feel / how i kissed a rose / with my madness

2 times

2 times i cant bear / in my life / one when u come / and 2nd when u go / lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa


I heard / when STARS bilnks on sky / then passed moments / make u RESTLESS / and that time u DECORATED / DREAMS in ur EYES / and cry / an…

Wat a confidence

U must know the value of MY LOVE / when u will b ALONE / now Many pplz around u / for ENTERTAINMENT

ur love like rain

Ur LOVE as / RAIN / some time u / SHAWER me / and some time u dont give me / ONE DROP

Do u?

When u listen the voice of RAKISh leaf / and u run away to the door / Do u Try to hide ur love pain / and feel so restless / tell me Do u L…


WHo will HEAL of my WOUNDS / after U? / BEACUSE / I Left the all / MY FRIENDS / when i FOUND u / chchchchchhhhhhhhhhhhh


A young girl was Walking and her long SCRAF / was draging to the GROUND / Suddenly and MAN asked her / Be careful young girl / ur SCARF is…


U heard peoples plays with DOLL / but some time DOLLS can plays with peoples / ONE day a Lonely but INNOCENT GUY / MET WAX DOLL. / The WAX …


PLZ tell her / if u would like to LOVE me then Dont PROMISE me / bczi Have seen PROMISES mostly BREAKS / PLZ tell her / if u would like to …


We BOTH been / FAILURE / She could not LOVE ME / I Could not FORGET HER


when i c her LIPS / then i think how LUCKY / those WORDS / then they LIPS are out to the mouth / and TOUCH her / LIPS

LOVE your style

I love / ROSE / in SPRING / I love ur / DREAM / in Sleep / when u miss me a lot / then I love ur STYLE in LIFE


Iwaited u / my LOVE / all the night / plz confirm from the STARS / I ruined 4 u / plz confirm from STARS / they are my witness

dont’ b anger

i agree with poem / and i would like 2 request all pplz / plz dont b anger with eath others / ting ton / bobby / 11 april 2010


I heard / my love talks with MOON / all the night / sitting alone & / my love thinking all my memories / when we were lived to gather /…


My hands wounded / some fault is mine / I tried to remove the lines of hands / for the achieve of an unfaithful


Many years ago / 2day my wife asking me / Can i Trash this old jeans Pant / SUDDENLY / i feel my HEART is Stop / I take my Pant and ask to …

Stone Heart

My HEART / was very Soft like / ROSE PETAL / but / the Kicks of peoples / made it STONE

4 sale

My heart is on my PALM / plz my love / come and take it / what would u like 2 pay / I will accept with joy


My LOVE / u have save my Pic / but listen / i have seen / pictures changed the colors


Young girl / u can try thusand to hide ur love feeling / but ur ANKLET will expose ur love feeling. / ur ANKLET show u met ur lover. / a…

My love

My love anger with me / what can I write? / The fire of looniness is spread in all my body / when my soul is burning / why i save my bod…


A 5 years old Girl / was playing alone at home / suddenly / ELECTRICITY go off / She tried to flame the lamp / But / then ELECTRICITY came …


life is xxx / yesterday is an / Xperience / 2day is / Xperiment / 2morrow is / Xpectation / use ur Xperience in ur Xperimements 2 achieve…

Crystal Glass

The HEARTS of POWERS / like / CRYSTAL GLASS / Seldom they BREAk self / and / Sometime Peoples / Break Them…………R…

oh no

Don;t Turst ur HEART / bcz / its not on the Right side

I m sure

Im sure / my LOVE will give me all her love / sometime my LOVE will trust on my faith / somwtime will change the way of winds / and / I M …


Some time my HEART wants / I WRITE ur NAME on the STONE / and / EVERY STONE through on U / WHEN u Will Feel / How GIVE ME / PAIN ur MEMORI…

Spring Song

Spring is Started / My HEART is Out of control / Plz Grant ur Leave and / come back When Running Stream is making Noise / Then My Heart fe…


Life is a FOOTBALL game / and we r FOOTBALERS / never mind the KICKS of Peoples / BCZ / without KICK we many not TOUCH the / GOAL

u can find me

When u feel ALONE / then u find me / Dont ask the Peoples / WHERE I LIVE? / I live around u / if u Dont like to ask from ur MEMORIES / but…


I Thought / 2day i will expose / all my love feeling / and pain / with my love / but / My Love did not ask me / Why are You / SAD?


A true Friend iritates / when U say I m Sad / LAUGHS / when u say I m Sorry / SMILES / when u say MISS U / and KICKS / when u say / i m BU…


Only 2 Peoples are / LUCKY / in the world / 1st those they have / LOYAL FRIENDS / and 2nd Those / They Have Prayers of / MOTHER.


The PLUS Symbol / is made with a pair / of MINUS symbols….. / All negative things can / be SHAPED as POSITIVE / So just be POSITIVE…


‘’No Candle loses its / LIGHTwhile lighting / another Candle’’ / So NEVER stop / sharing & helping / OTHERS /…

Wat I Do………..?

If i Sit alone and Mute / then Peoples / Ask me / Sadness is not / Good for u / and if / I little Bit Smile / Then Peoples / Ask me / Wa…


When u will / FACE / then u will Know / if Any body Ignore U / AND / wat is the pain of / ignorance


Friendship has 1 LAW / never make ur FRIEND feel LONELY / UNTILL u r ALIVE……………….. / so Distrub ur FRIE…

Like Paul

The Person who LOVES u / will FIGHT with YOU more / But if u DROP a TEAR / He will FIGHt the worldto stop ur TEARS / so never LOSE the LOVi…

Crystal’s Heart & Iron’s Hands

How strange…. / the way of love / from PEOPLES they give me daily / A NEW WOUND / and says / Take Care / Yourself / DEAR BOBBY


Plz com / come in my life / my love plz come / my heart is very thirsty / plz come and give my heart / ur love / soft morning / peep out i…


In scorching days / please wet me, shower me / please shelter me / make my soul like / greenery / Please hugs me / my love / like fire / a…

I m the Best

I Am the best , I can prove it. / I can put coffe in coffe cup / can u put world in world cup? / ha ha ha / ok 1 more I can send my number …


A heart dies / when it is not able / to share its feelings / but a heart kills itself / when another heart / doesn’t understand its…


my love / thousand times / you hide love feelingsin in your heart / but remember it / when your heart beat / the voice of ur beat / co…


I am alive with out you / you don’t know / my pain / my wound / how did I managed it? / my love / I don’t know the secret / of you…


Dont Try to have / FRIENDS / who achieve great HEIGHTS, / Have a FRIEND / who can HOLD u / when U FALL a great / HEIGHT, / LOYAL FRIEND /…


In tough times u’ll / alwaz find 2 hands / eagarely waiting / 2 help u & thoses / HANDS / will be at the / END / of ur own ARM…

Tell me Friends

One Night she met me / in my DREAMS / I asked / Why did u REJECTED me? / Suddenly i saw / She was weepingand / tell me FRIENDS / How can…

Single Finger

The Single Finger / that wipe our TEARS during ur Bad time / is much better than the / TEN Fingers come togather / to CLAP / on ur Success


We Often fail to undersatnd the / Feeling s of the one who is very CLOSE / our HEART / bcz the BOOK / when held very close to / our EYES /…


We live in parents home / like group of sparrows / our fly is unlimited / and listen father / i will never come back in ur home / 2morr…


Wish u luck wish u joy / May u have a baby boy / when his hairs start 2 curl / May u hav a baby girl / when she starts wearing pins / May …

Man vs Wild

Listen Garden / Do u Know? / Today my love is coming here / Plz Dont try to put out TheBuds / in the way of my love / Bcz / i m put out m…

love letter

I received ur / love letter / every word shows like ur face / the paper spread ur body fragrance / wat a great magic / o my love / o my l…


He dislike me in past bcz of / my poverty / now I am a famopus personailty / now my days passes in / NIGHTS CLUBS / and High society / on…


My Love Ofetn Ask Me / Why Do u Love Me? / Anybody Tell my Love / Who Can Hate with LIFE


My Love / Please / Dont Use / the word / DONt / I shall Die / SOON / if u Say / I Dont Know / Who r u?


These your / Divorce Papers / What……y? / Simple / He Loves / BOLD & Semi NAKED WOMEN


12 color pencils / 10 fine quality drawing papers / 2 led pencils / bill please / suddenly i saw / her favorite barnd and red color nail p…


I m waiting his / Phone call / Parhaps he is bussy / oh sorry rember me / he phoned me / some moments ago / HOW LONG AGO? / only16 YEARS …


In Past / He phoned me / daily / and tell me / how is he? / In Present / Newspapers tell me / daily / how is he?


When I was in college / Math was my favorite Subject / now my friends are playing on the beach / and I am sitting alone / and counting the…

Mid night Desire

My Desire is / when I wake up in morning / then / She come to see me / and ask / WHO ARE YOU? / And how dare ? / To coming in / MY DREAMS

My Peaceful Place

I Feel Peaceful / when u hugz me / Then / I forget All the World / When i Smell ur Fragrance / Then i feel so lucky / beacuse you r / like…


He is / FRAGRANCE / he will spread in airs / but main problem is me / where will I go? / Because / I am flower.


Where is me in ur life? / In ur morning? / In ur night? / Tell me / JANE / tell me / Where is me in ur life? / She smile / and reply / I l…


Is this your / LOVE / or / MIRACLE? / I have totly change / I was came here / to Know About / YOURSELF / but / now / I Have Forget / MYSELF


I 100% agree with you / She is Merciless / But / I 100% Disagree with u / She is Unfaithful.

Evening Walk

words of my soul


U can / snatch my / EYES / from me / but / u cant / Steal / My dreams / From / My EYES

In Past

She Does not / Miss me in / Rain / Now a days / But / In Past She / HUGS / me / very tight / then she / Hears the Sound / of Clouds.

What is True?

U live in me / and / I live in u / not true / U will die without me / I will die without u / not true / But / U will be live / in my memo…

I m bold

I afraid / to the / resperct of / ur / LIPS / my love / but / infact / I / kiss / the flowers / OPENLY……………

U Me & onion

dont try 2 cut my and others love

Cement and me

My Friendship / is like Standing on / wet Cement / the longer u stand / the harder is / to leave / and even if u leave / u always / lea…


My Friendship is / just like / HONEY / as it gets older / it gets sweeter / just like / u & me / u r getting older / & / I m gett…

Age Limit

A 16 years old girl / fall in love with a 65 years old man / one day she ask the man / I Love You so much / and / i can’t alive with…

Amezing Truth

‘’People Fight for Religion, People Die for Religion / but / People do not follow Religion’’ / (Think Deeply)
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