Poems 1

Birthday My Love came / on my Birthday / some tears / in his Eyes / When he looked my / sad face / But Listen / My love / You cried / you just see… Today Today my heart is so sad / But my friend / I don’t know / why? / I think some one intending / to forget / me today / Ohhhhhhhhhh Question I am a Merchent / I shall buy / Tell me the place / From where I can buy the LOVE? A Love Story When you wake / Then I See you / And / When you sleep / Then I Think you Who Am I? Listen my friendS / When My Love / Look me / With Love / Then I Feel So Strong / Like A Wind Strom / But / When My Love Ignore me / Then I… Behind the Climber plant My friend / I lost you / We did not met / Since long / Time is running / I am still waiting / For you. / My wall window / Is closed now / C… Fone Number My love has left my city / And where is my Love now? / I don’t know? / But Why I am dialing his closed fone number / Again and Again? I am a poet I am a poet / but listen my love / When I write some lines for you / Then I forget the words and / I make your foto / I am a poet / but li… Alumni Contact Some Peoples live / in my HEART / like fragrance / I can feel them / But I Can’t Touch them / Yes / My Friends / Its True My Love is like Water my lines for all of u Don’t Worry If time doesn’t wait for you / So, Dont worry. / Just / . / . / . / . / . / remove the battery from / the clock ‘&’… I am sandalwood Peoples like me / Want me, love me / Many want to touch me / Because they can see my beautiful glowing face / Peoples can’t see my heart / … After the Sea I don’t know my friends / Peoples spend few days with me / and forget me soon / I heard in my past / its true my friends / when peop… Fregrance Voice Peoples say Bobby / your voice is full of fregrance / and so sweet / and I reply / Its true my friends / Because i spent many years / with… You been Selfish Your Love forget you / for other person / It is a part of life Bobby / and now you are asking / your Love is Selfish / Please remember Bob … My 1st RB, Birthday Hello Friends / How are you? / I am good and today my 1st Bithday in Redbubble. / I would like to say all the Team of Bubble and All the B… Winter Evening Please come and sit near me my love, / in the evening of this winter, / May be we will not find this lovely evening / in the next year. /… Like You Pakistan, Sialkot,bobby dar, love, like Hello Lift Plz A young girl was walking on the road. / A handsome guy came and says / Miss Do u want lift? i can drop you on your home. / I am not a bad g… 100% Wrong Number Newly married husband saved his wife’s Cell phone no as / MY LIFE / After 1 year / My WIFE / After 5 years / HOME / After 10 years /… Enemy Night I was sure / that my love will come at the night / I been decora te my room / with my wishes and flowers / and / the night passed away /… You Must remember me I admit you are very ready witted / in all the topics / but listen when you will stuck between / the Faith and Love / then you must rememb… Sad Eid day Today is Eid Day / and i am back to my home / with my old grandmom / My past is beating me / when we live together / and now i m alone / no… After the floods I m the door of RUIN home / I have lost the voice of door knock / like pest eats the wood Running Desire A poor Pakistani boy / when watch the rich kids / and eating Imported chocolates the rich kid / then he beg chocolate to his mother / his m… Rain and You when black clouds cover the sky / then i miss u my friend / when droops of rain wet me / then i miss u my friend / plz come back my love / … How can i hold? peoples come and see / our sweets homes / we built the homes / with our blood and / now the are running with the water / how can i hold … Wings I am a bird / I am young / I love the colors / I love the clouds / I love the flowers / I am a bird / I would like to enjoy the seasons / I… Prince of the Heart He is river of the love / He is like a flying kite / He is like a sweet moon / He is the rainbow of the love / He is like a cool breeze / … Water and rain Listen / My friend, loves the drops of the rain / but my friend / my love dont know / every falling drop is / not water Poker Cards My life spent like pocker cards / many peoples came / played and divided muself / and i always defeated / to the peoples / i am a realy fai… in Romantic Rain How lovely we feel / when in rain, kool breeze / and a nice way / any one come / hold your hand / and ask / please / walk carefully / main … I can I can live in our hearT / because i am a buTTerfly Hide and Seek I heard taht You write / My name on your hand’s palm / but my dear / when you meet me / you forger the show me your hand / and / i … The Rain and Love I love you / so mush my dear / like a dry and thirsty Tree / wants the Rain Your Reflection My footstep is in your room, I sit on the edge / of your bed, and my hand follows the tears / that run down. And you hear: I love you. / I … My reflection Who are you? / what is the relation / between you and me? / i did not see you / just feel you. / who are you? / and why you are stealing … I am Happy? Listen / Please ask him i am so happy / with out my love / but his memories make me so restless / i don’t miss him / but i dont kno… I Told you before I told you before / dont try to make me a different / please tell me if u will find the pieces of myself / Listen my love / i did not m… Last breath of the life my love promised me / that one day he will come back / but when dont know? / and i promised / i did his wait, i do his wait and i will his… I am feeling Listen / i am feeling / someting is breaking in my heart / a Hand sliping to my hand / Listen / i m feeling / A beautiful flower is dro… After the sunset Yours Memories will come after the sunsent / and i will burn like a candle / i did not say my love was so good / but yes i admit he loved m… incomplete He don’t like the incomplete Moon / but / he left me like a incomplete story Hug me Life please come / And Hug me / Because I have hug / Many sorrow you gave me / If my love left me / Then why I feel bad / He has right to… After the anger Now i realized i cant go to his country / i tried but failed / and i tear his all letters / few hours ago / and now i m busy / the tie of… The Lost Voice In Mid Night / Someone ringed me / i picked the phone / I don’t know who is other side? / but / i can smell / the fragrance of the o… Dare of Romance A young girk siting on a bench in a park. / a begger came / and ask / Hello darling / so u r in the mood to have some romance? / young girl… Phone Number Friends / i feel so alone and sad / anyone will give me the / phone no of his girlfriend? / plz First Time in my Life First time in my life / some one wish me / Happy birth day / and i so so old / but now i feel / i m so young and happy / yes / First time… WEB not my real story but / itried to show bad pplz like spiders / if u like then plz reply me / 9 july 2010 I am not alone new poem but not my story / but part of life / some frined will feel the pain of loneliness / 9 july 2010 Perhaps you……………. new words abt love but part of life Before you someone loved me just lines but reality of the world / 8 july 2010 LOVE SONG please clome close to me like singing birds / I can hear the voice of yours heartbeat like waterfalling / and my heart is dancing like a ki… Behind the Cloud’s Curtain How can i see you my love? / you are behind the cloud’s curtain / the colours of the curtain feeling strange / they are watching yo… Wrinkles (Mature) I Heard I Heard Friends are very faithful / But when I trusted on the Friends / Then path changed / Like seasons After the Rain…… My eyes were mute / but my body was talking with my love’s body / outside raing was weting eveting thing / when my love hold my face … ABSORPTION I will not speak any word with my love / and I wish / My mute love word would fly and make a home in my love’s heart / I would li… Keepsake Sometime come and look / the keepsake of your Memories / I c ould not wink of sleep / bcz mosquitos / bite me and i cant sleep well Wild Ghost Pleae if u feel me / as Dust / its my pleasure / you know / When sommetime / dust enter your Eyes / then kiss ur lovely Eyes Rare Flower He was a Rare Flower / and i Loved / My Friend / Many peoples Know / About my Nature / I dont Love / to any Flower Mature? ur farewell / snacthed all my mischief / and pplz feel I become a mature person Someone When you dont speak some words / then some one feel so sad / if possible please ask some sweet words / you anger a million / but please lo… SHY LOVER what did the Moon say / Please Listen / My unaware Love / I m crazy about you / and you dont know / you are not unfaithful / I know / i li… What is the Life ? I will tell you / Whta is the thing pian? / I will tell you / what is the Love song? / How did i alive? / I will tell you / i alived wit… The Prisoner I am a Prisoner / But / My Hands are free to the Hand cuff / My feet are free to the chains / But I m a Prisoner / I can go here and there … Wet Wet Memories When Cruel wind drops & / Separate the yellow leafs to the Tree / Then I Miss our / Sepration Era / Very Much / . / .. / …. / … Old Days, Old Love These lines are about my old Love / when some sweet dreams was in my eyes / when i smelled my love’s breaths / when i caught the moon… Requet of the Heart My Heart wants / Before I die / I see you / Few moments / My Heart wants / Before I die / I feel you / In my Soul / My Heart wants / Before… Love vs rain My Love ask me / How is Most Beautiful / Me or Rain? / I replied / I dont know / But / When i see you / then i forget the rain / and / w… I Dont know How can I tell you the / Condition of the Flowers? / After you / I did not go to the Gardner 1 Condition I will forget you / I promise . / But listen my one condition / First learn me / How will I separate the smell? / to the Flower I will I will make your breath and live togather / I will try to dont hurt you / If future if you will dont like my love / you will not feel and… My Country My country like pearls / many colours and many size / lalalalala / Lovely Peoples, Lovely Religions / Lovely Seasons, Lovely Festivals / My… FOLK LOVE STORY Once upon in Asia A young Guy Named MAHIWAL and Beautiful young Girl Named Sohni met in a village festival. And they fall in love. But unfo… The lost I have not thought / that one day my heart / will lose my body and / go so far / like a small kid / lose his sweet home. Splashing Wine I am Splashing wine / Full of sensational / Come and trig me on your lips / Before I splashing / Please relish me / Before you lose the sen… Please Read I wrote some lines about you / Please Read out……. / I miss you all the time / all my feeling / You can read / Your reflection … RISK……………… how can i leave u my love / in a moment? / may b we will meet again after million yeras ago / let come and we hide with each other In your hand You are far / but / very close to my heart / Please ask my heart / How i Want you? / come and see your hand palm / May be in any one li… In Dark Mid Night as usual few words / 14 june 2010 Am i right? when any one ask me / bob where is love in this world? / then MOTHER / i smile and lost in urself 5 Steps for Sweet Morning 1- Open ur Sweet Eyes / 2-Take a Deep Breath / 3-Smile a Bit / 4-Open ur arms wide / & / 5-Say Oh shit Very Earling in the Morning /… Beware of My Love Listen Dark night / Dont laugh at my lonliness / remember / You should repant / When my LOVE Tight me in Arms / and you must spend with … After me I sure / after my died / nobody miss me / but / I sure / my LONELINESS / shall say / Why did u left me alone? Beautiful Rain Your memories / showerd me like / RAIN / Please think / how beautifull / show the look of my / LONELINESS Old Habit I Changed many habits / in myself / my friend / but / i could not change my old habbit / to live in ur memories / ohhohohohoh….ohh Distance I keep so distance to the peoples / bcz when they meet me in this summer / and ask me / plz bob / bring a coca cola / for me with Stranger My Love left me / and / Broke myself / i hugz an / stranger / and been crying When We Met You met me / and / i Fall in Love / with LIFE Darling, Darling not mine but i would like 2 share Proof How i give you / the Proof of my LOVE? / I left my world / just for you Love Condition When my love tight me in her arms / then i feel senceless / wowowo / and when father see me in this mood / then i got secne in I.C.U Please God God / Please make me the tear of his EYE / and he will never cry / to lose of me Attraction Please dont pull me / ur side my love / please dont / please / dont pull me / oh my dear / please care my new shirt / dont pull me / u r p… Wounded Candle when in winter season / night shows cold and darkness / then i miss u 2 much / and / i dont know / why / in my cold and sadroom / a burn… BANTER I daily Receive countless letters / from young and sexy girls / wow / u r so lucky / but / friends / i dont read any letter / why? / why?… BLUNT i m 45years old / english professor / my english is very well / and i can speach very well / but friends / i could not speak / few words t… LOVE LESSON always keep ur LOVE in ur HEART / not in WORDS / always keep ur ANGER in ur WORDS / not in HEART