Quality Time

*In the hustle and bustle of life on the planet Earth, we sometimes want to be alone, but as the future strides forward it gets harder and harder.

But I’ve always found that whatever planet I’m on, I just take a step back and enter my mind, pull closed the drapes, and …………….I’m alone!

Well’ not really alone, for here across the room sits my imagination, just staring off into space!
But then what else would “MY” imagination be staring off into!

So alone, but not alone!

See what I mean, its getting harder with too many people and thoughts running around.
If I step out of this room into the great expanse of my mind, its even busier.
There are ideas floating around looking for some stray thought to hang onto, hoping to maybe develop the starting of a creation.
Then there are the dusty ideas from passed thoughts, they too are floating around knowing that at any given time one of them could be grabbed and made whole!

And yes, some of what I see I transfer to a creation before it fades back into the ether of my gray matter.

Imagination is a wispy reality at the best of times, but when you are blessed with masses of it, you want to use it, get it out, dust it off, show it to the world, because it never is less, it multiplies, every thought wave starts a new thought and so into …………………..infinity.
Like the infinite number of stars in the universe, or even my universe, for mine is the same void, just a different reality.

So I sit in this small room or office if you will, alone with my imagination mmmmm

But hey’ to me its all Quality Time!*

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Everyone needs an escape. This is mine!

My imagination is my art it is

“Art & Stories Beyond Earth”

My creations seem to escape from the very fabric of space & time, they are but a window into a future that awaits just beyond the Bounds of Earth.

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  • shanghaiwu
    shanghaiwuover 3 years ago

    love your analogy between creativeness and the number of stars/SUPERB

  • wu, thank you for the reading, sometimes there are no words!!

    " May you always create well and prosper "


    – AlienVisitor

  • Trish Meyer
    Trish Meyerover 3 years ago

    The “butterfly effect” creating a tsunami :)
    Well written !

  • Ushna Sardar
    Ushna Sardarover 3 years ago

  • Thank you for the feature!!

    " May you always create well and prosper "


    – AlienVisitor

  • IzzyGumbo
    IzzyGumboover 3 years ago

    i think i relate

  • Its the first small step to…………..

    " May you always create well and prosper "


    – AlienVisitor

  • Nadya Johnson
    Nadya Johnsonover 2 years ago

    We have not focused much on writing up to now, sad to say (for one thing, still looking for a co-host so it’s hard to get to everything on time) ~ but that’s about to change! Woo hoo! I hope you’ll enter something in The Great Experiment, a WRITING challenge in the Sci Fi Group! This challenge will launch some new features in the group, including weekly WRITING features and also, a select Sci Fi Writers’ Group (within the group). I know there are outstanding sci-fi writers out there, like yourself ~ time you got the recognition you deserve!

    Please note that for the challenge, writing must be entered WITH AN IMAGE, not as “writing.” You can put it into writing too but the Bubble isn’t geared for challenges that way; so add your writing to your artwork where you’d put your description (text). This is why we’re calling it The Great Experiment. Folks are going to have to read the text to vote responsibly… we hope they will!

    Definitely hope to see you there! And thanks for your participation in the group! (Any questions, don’t hesitate to Bubblemail me and ask)

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