Slee Dragon Wings

Here’s another reason space rocks……………..Slee Dragon Wings.

*What you may ask are Slee Dragon Wings, well, SDW’s are the best delicacy in the known universe, and maybe in a few unknown ones as well.

Every 70th turn of the moon “CandyRock”, the SD’s hatch in the gelitinous pink craters of said moon, they suck up the sweet pink nectar, and when their wings are thick and heavy, they lift off the surface.

Once beyond the pull of the moon, they float in space until meeting the gravitational
pull of the planet Candy Wings, floating gently down through the atmosphere and pulled by the lure of the Big Rock Candy Mountains and the sweet treats that await.

After landing their 4 wings break off, they then burrow into the sweetness to find a mate and breed.

The wings are gathered by the older Slee Dragon females and sold off-world at a fine profit.
The delicacy can be savoured at many top-end eateries across the Universe.

4 Wings (nobeing as ever eaten more than 4)
3 succulent Grimbil Eggs
5 measures of Kram Lizard Brains
14 bottles of Guinness aged 100 years
Marinate wings in eggs and brains for at least 5 months.
then cook slowly over a bed of hot Creelab Bark ashes ( about 4 hours)
Serve with a sprig of shamrock.
Wash it all down with the Guinness.

A feast, just talking about it makes me salivate, mmmmmmmmmm good, a tad expensive, but well worth the creds.

Or if you are a vegan, throw out the wings and drink the Guinness*

Currently unavailable for purchase

Another I did for an image, here it is!……. and with a link to the image for those who need that visual presentation.


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