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Science Fiction


When I was a young human, Fiction was the part I really liked, the Science was something that only Scientists cared about.
I could dream my dreams, I could create alien worlds and their landscapes, when people said ‘he’s a bit odd’ well that was ok, it made me different from ordinary humans.
I think that’s what I wanted anyway, I needed an escape and what a great place it was that I created, a world within a world where anything, when or where was possible.

And at that time in my life no being could say I was wrong, for the simple fact that we were all EarthBound, it wasn’t until man landed on Earth’s moon that the Science joined with Fiction, from then on the Universe Beckoned.

Of course the SciFi addicts always knew it was possible, we knew that if mankind had put their combined effort into a real space program instead of into control of the Earth, we would already be well beyond our own solar system.

For a brief moment in time there was hope, but the flame flickered and died………..

For some unknown reason, the powers that did the moon landing just gave up on space exploration, I suppose the so called war on terror was a better way to go, I think that should really be called The Wars on Terra.

So now I’m older I’m back to the Fiction, mainly because the Science as failed me, sure there are little bits of exploration going on by private companies, but just no leaps and bound.

The Universe Beckoned, and its still beckoning, and some day in the distant future we may break away from this ball of dust to explore the Stars.
Then we can again join Science with Fiction, until then I will continue to create my alien worlds and…………………………………………………..dream!


  • retepk
    retepkabout 1 year ago

    I also love science fiction along with a passion for science especially astronomy and astrophysics despite not being academic. I also hope that NASA will once again be at the forefront of deep space research. I am encouraged by programs like the SKA (Square Kilometre Array), a collaborative program between ten countries to further deep space research. Meanwhile, science fiction, or speculative fiction, will continue to fascinate and nurture those dreams of alien worlds out there in the far reaches of the Universe.

  • Thank you for your comments Peter, and yes there are ongoing projects that are encouraging, I just feel that a combined effort by some major powers with major funds would take us there much sooner!


    – AlienVisitor

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Mooreabout 1 year ago

    I agree, AV. My heart has sunk with the short-sightedness of removing funding from NASA. The contributions to society beyond space were enormous during that period— things we have taken for granted for years now. The whole thing makes me heart-sick.

  • Carol and Mike Werner
    Carol and Mike...about 1 year ago

    Well said, AV . . . we need to keep the dreams alive . . .

  • Nadya Johnson
    Nadya Johnson9 months ago

    Great reading here, AV! I have also been a sci fi fan since ~ ~ wow! I think I was born that way! LOL. My favorite books when I was young, were Tom Corbett and from there I graduated on to Asimov. And we’re talking pretty young! I was SO bored in school, where they were doing Dick and Jane, I thought I’d die of it! And since we lived in Chicago, we did have TV (in the early 50’s, most broadcasts came from there), So on the one hand, I was watching Howdy Doody (!), on the other ~ Flash Gordon! They were movies from the 20’s/30’s but I had no idea they were old, and didn’t care. As I got older, I developed a love for science too (astronomy, especially) ~ which I did not pursue, but that’s another long ol’ story. “Life got in the way,” I guess! Plus, my math skills weren’t that hot.. lol! And I didn’t do the writing I had hoped to, either. Yet! heh. May as well be optimistic, ey?

    One thing, for sure: had someone from the future come to me in say, 1970, and said “Yeah, we landed on the moon a bunch of times but then just gave it up,” I would NOT have believed it for a second! I’d have been like, “NO way! By 1999 we’ll have a colony up there for sure.” And I still think there’s something fishy there! (It’s no wonder, there are all those theories floating out there now, about a Secret NASA and a covert program out in space they’re not telling us about! Not saying I believe it, necessary… but sheesh. SOMETHING went awry! I mean, wasn’t that the point? It’s hard to get your head around the thought that they spent all that time and money just to get there, plant a flag, take some photographs and pick up rocks and then go home to write it off like a vacation!)

    But I digress… (being me, of course I do). I also feel, and I always did, that science fiction in itself has never gotten the respect and recognition it deserves. Sure, there’s bad stuff in the mix ~ there’s bad in every other genre, too. But the GOOD sci fi is quite possibly, the BEST literature Humankind has ever written! It has the same requirements as any other kind of writing: good plot, good characters, an expertise in “word-smithing” so to speak.. but in addition to all of that, with Sci Fi the author has to re-invent the WORLD! Possibly, the Universe! And often, physics. And no matter how fantastical the tale, it has to strike the reader as believable (within its context). It also delineates its own time-frame and if it’s good, distills important issues & dilemmas in society ~ not just in one year, or one decade, but historically and for all the future. All the Greats have been aware of this, from Jules Vernes and HG Wells to Bradbury, Clark and Asimov to (yeah, I’ll say it) Gene Roddenberry (Trek) and Steven Moffat (Dr. Who). Which is WHY their’ stuff is so outrageously successful! We all know wheat from chafe! :-) Theodore Sturgeon said, “99% of everything is trash.” That was WAY before the internet, and he was right! Thing is, the Good Stuff stands. The crap just kind of fades away… hopefully. And it’s the same with art.

    In addition to the rest, Sci Fi gives us tantalizing visions of our Future ~ dire WARNINGS on what may lie therein ~ and in many cases, helps to form that very future on its own. So to anyone who tells me, “All it is, is junk” I say ~ foo on you! Perhaps not that politely, though.

    I dunno about that Future, here and now. I sometimes think, we may have veered off-course for a BAD alter-universe. We SHOULD have been in space by now! They will tell you, “Everyone in history thought the Earth was flat” – but that’s not true. The ancient Greeks knew better, but the knowledge was lost in Medieival times, never to resurface for 1000 years. It’s like electric cars; Tesla had that down in 1901! What if we had never gone to gasoline?? SO much, could have been so DIFFERENT! Maybe, had we gone another way we would not be in the process now, of destroying Earth. And maybe, it wouldn’t be our only home. Science?? Mixed feelings, there. One of my favorite quotes from Einstein… “Technological progress is like an ax in the hands of a madman.” Science can be put to good, science can be put to bad. In all too many cases we are going in the wrong direction, currently.

    Anyway! I didn’t come here to talk this much. LOL! Actually, I may quote a thing or two from your post if you don’t mind. You are the Featured Artist of the Week at Sci Fi (or you will be, when I shut up and get to work!) Only fitting: Tom had the first-ever entry to the group but you have been here just as long, and you’re by far the most Prolific! I’m going to have a rough time choosing what to showcase on the page. But I’ll soldier on… I have to say, I’m really enjoying this “upgrade” to the group. Love going through the work (with more attention than I paid before, perhaps). NOT to say I didn’t know how good it was, before! I did. But this latest project gives me much more focus than I had. There’s even lots I missed! But either way, your artwork ROCKS! So thank you for……………..dreaming! And your FANTASTIC galaxies and galaxies of alien worlds! Keep on keepin’ on! :-))

    Oh. I love your twist on words. War on Terror = War on Terra. Yeah! That’s about the size of it.