These are the voyages of Alienvisitor on his trips across the universe, bringing to the people’s of Earth unique pictures of a possible future……beyond the bounds of Earth.

Everyone needs an escape. This is mine!

My imagination is my art it is

“Art & Stories Beyond Earth”

My creations seem to escape from the very fabric of space & time, they are but a window into a future that awaits just beyond the Bounds

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein.

I say……………..

The key to photo manipulation and 3D rendering is to ensure that the final image remains as photorealistic as possible, even if the scene it presents is a fantasy.

My work is now available to the European market through my ARTFLAKE GALLERY in Berlin, Germany.
This tends to save on shipping.

If any Canadian fans are interested in buying my creations, please send me an email as I can sell and send from Ontario.

Special Recognition Award
SoJie 25, October 2013

Special Recognition Award
SoJie 25, October 2013

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Hello & Thanks

Just like to thank the folks who gave me features or left comments over the last couple of months. / The summer is always a busy time for me, so I tend to put creating on hold. / But will be back in the fall, hope everyone is having a good year so far. / To the person who bought some of my work, thank you very much.
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I would like to thank the folks who purchased so many of my creations, prints, posters, & cards in the last month or so. / It seems every time I open mail from Redbubble, I’ve sold more art. / It still blows me away somewhat, when I sell anything, I guess it means I’m doing something right!! / Live long and prosper ! / AV
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Science Fiction

Science-Fiction / When I was a young human, Fiction was the part I really liked, the Science was something that only Scientists cared about. / I could dream my dreams, I could create alien worlds and their landscapes, when people said ‘he’s a bit odd’ well that was ok, it made me different from ordinary humans. / I think that’s what I wanted anyway, I needed an escape and what a great place it wa…
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SoJie 25 Win

This is my first SoJie win, I would like to thank all those involved. / May you always create well & Prosper. / AV / Special Recognition Award / SoJie 25, October 2013
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