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I have enjoyed photography since about 1986. It is my hobby (fulltime) and my passion and I really enjoy it so much.

It is very relaxing and I love being one with nature. My favourite shots to take are animals, landscape and nature shots along with macros of flowers mostly and the odd still life photo session.

My granddaughter who is 18 months has been my inspiration to try a few portrait type of photography shots but that is still a learning curve for me and do not wish to professionally get into that aspect of photography.

My 1st camera was a Pentax A3000 SLR. I had a 70-210mm zoom lens with this camera and it was very easy to work with as most of the time even the automatic setting worked well for a photo!

My girlfriend is a professional photographer and she taught me a lot along with Black’s Photography where I purchased this camera and the incentive with it was 10 free lessons.

I am a person that really learns better with a “hands on” experience and a lot of what I have learned has been from other professional photographers that I have had the pleasure of encountering over the years and I appreciate so much what I have learned from them.

When my Pentax was “retired” after so many years of use and the fact that it would have cost me just as much to have it repaired as it would to have bought a new camera, I decided to jump right into the digital era and have never looked back!

I have a Canon Rebel XT now with a 18-50mm 1:2.8 Sigma EX Macro lens, EX Sigma 105mm 1:2.8 DG Macro, and a Sigma 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 Tele-Macro (1:3.9) lens.

I purchased filters for the 18-50mm and the 75-300mm lens which I am overjoyed with especially for my winter shots and bright shots of the bright sunny days!

I also have a Canon Powershot SX20 which I used mostly for experimenting with the still life shots and a lot of indoor shots that I use my shadow box for the subjects. I find the macro setting on this PS is excellent for results I want to achieve with still life shots indoors.

With having 2 Golden retrievers, as moving subjects outside, I always have the chance to use my motion setting on the camera and I thoroughly enjoy those type of shots especially with the running through the snow! There is nothing like viewing back the photos of those action shots and seeing the “fresh powder” your dog is ploughing through coming out in the photo! Very rewarding for me!

Love the butterflies and dragonflies of summer! I have a lot of patience when it comes for that split second moment when all the timing is “bang on” for that one shot that you only thought you could imagine happening becoming a reality in the photo forever! Also a rewarding accomplishment.

I know a big deal is made of a tripod these days in a lot of circumstances for a photo and by some standards I used mine but I cannot always “cart” it with me wherever I go so in that moment of the “ideal photo” arising that I KNOW I should have the tripod for, I try to improvise by leaning very steady against a tree or a pole or sitting on the ground or a surface whereas I can rest my camera on my knee or get on my stomach and rest on a log etc. and use the device to take the shot for me so my hands are free of shake.

On a final note, I am so grateful for my accomplishments thus far as a photographer and I owe some of this to my husband who has always encouraged me to find my own way for what I have a passion for but to do it well and be proud of my accomplishments and achievments as a photographer.

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