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Currently attending college for an A.S. Degree in Graphic Design, I have been shooting photography for around six years and am currently trying to get my work out there. I write short stories, non-fiction, poetry, song lyrics, I draw, paint badly, and love great beauty. I am passionate about what I love in life and hope some of that passion shines through in my work. I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and photograph the waterfalls and gorges quite often. I hope to someday explore the world before big oil and government destroy it. I believe in freedom and don’t believe it can be won by killing people. I wish everyone who believed the same thing would band together and solve this mess man creates for his own kind. I hope my work shows something of the person I am. I don’t believe words convey to the emotions what a photo can say, and I believe everyones interpretation is their own right. My work may show me something different than someone else sees, and thats okay.
I also carve wood and wrap custom patterns on handmade walking sticks, staffs and canes. I have included some of these photos. I put as many hours into a day as I can, and hope the effort in my passion shows.

  • Age: 52
  • Joined: July 2010


Flea market of the unexpected...

Today I participated in a flea market, one of the largest in New York State, they have it every Sunday south of Binghamtom. There are all manner of people there, and almost any item a person could ask for. New stuff, old stuff, food stuff. But you know what isn’t there, or anywhere else I look? Film cameras. Finding a good 35 mm for sale is no longer an option. The cameras that once graced …
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Today I work on what I will and will not do...

Today I work on projects I know I must complete yet drag my feet about finishing. I hate it when it doesn’t rain but also doesn’t get nice out. The thunder rumbles and you know it’s nearby but can’t see where the storm is because the whole sky is grey. So I sit in the house working, wanting to go out for a cigarette but not even wanting to do that now that they are ten dol…
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Working like a dog

I have been uploading photos to redbubble, and to do that I retrieve them from my external hard drive. It’s a mess, I don’t organize well when it comes to my photography, I never make time. So I grab what I can and dump it onto my laptop and make a run for it. None of my work is titled until I place it on this site. So far as an estimate I have around one hundred thousand photos and g…
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This time I am taking to say...

I am a busy guy, and have not even returned to school for the semester yet. When school starts I will be swamped, and have to step back from my passions a little, until I get the time to do wha tI love most, creating.
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