Hi, welcome to my Red Bubble page.

Here you’ll find my current photography portfolio, archives of my photography and illustration and a shop to purchase selected works as prints, posters and cards.

I shoot predominantly from a fine art perspective, focusing mainly on the landscape with a little portraiture on the side. I also do a small amount of commercial and commissioned work in both fine arts and design/illustration.
My early training as an artist (painting) and musician informs my current fine art/landscape photography. I rarely discuss individual works or write blurbs regarding themes or concepts, preferring to let the image and title speak to the viewer independently. I used to photograph using 35mm and 645 format until about 2011, now I almost always use Canon digital SLRs. The greater freedom to experiment in the field that digital offers is rewarding, but I do very occasionally still use the 645 camera.
The sci-fi illustrations are something done for fun when I have some down time, although I’ve done a couple of sci-fi illustrated photographic portraits as client projects.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the view!

To contact me regarding photography or illustration please call or text your name, phone number and the nature of your inquiry to 0448500151, please be patient for your reply
Licensed use of some images is possible, please contact me for availability and pricing.
Copyright on all works owned by Alex Fricke.
Sharing images via facebook is permitted if they link back to this source.
You may not otherwise distribute, use or reproduce these images without my written permission

Red Bubble have a great customer service record and offer solid and affordable reproductions. Please purchase with confidence.

Please note: Most people have their monitor too bright, if the blacks aren’t black, or the images look pale or washed out, please adjust your monitor brightness downwards.

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old camera gear for sale

Hi bubblers, I have a lot of Canon FD gear for sale, it all comes with a T-90 body. The kit was setup for 1×1 macro, fine art and landscape work. Lots of items, including the best Solligor double rail bellows and focus rack. I will consider most offers including crazy swaps for Canon EF/digital gear. I will also sell/swap individual items from the list. / The link is / http://www.cameramarke…
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