My name is Alex Wise and I live in Tasmania, Australia with a key interest in waterscape and landscape photography.

I like the idea of RedBubble as I’m usually quite slack when selling prints as it’s not a priority for me but I’m glad this allows others to appreciate my work on a global scale.

At the moment I’m studying my Masters in Information Systems at the University of Tasmania so this takes away much of my time to shoot and also means I don’t check RedBubble as much as I’d like. I appreciate all your views, comments, favourites, and sales very much.

- Al

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Thank you

I just want to express my appreciation for your support and sales of my work. It really is a great feeling to know people enjoy my work and want it on their walls. / Just in case anyone is curious to the technique of my latest submissions of long exposures I’m using a B+W 110 10 stop ND filter which allows you to capture long (3-5 minute) exposures during the day. / Thanks again, / Alex
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