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I have been inactive on this site since mid-2012. I was already displeased with RB’s functionality and product-driven culture at the time, and a design overhaul that took place left me feeling alienated to the point of being an outsider. Though they bore the same name, I could no longer see RB as the artist-driven community I was once proud to be a part of, but as a site where every image may as well have been titled “BUY OUR T-SHIRTS!!!”.

Out of protest to that and RB’s expanded drive to view creativity as a commodity, I have withdrawn the ability to purchase all of my photography, and have left this site for others whose practices I can agree with. My ultimate goal is to complete my personal site and rely on that from then on. I’ll provide a link once that site is completed. Until then, my new work can be found here.

I offer a heartfelt apology to any who commented on my work only to receive silence, or lost touch with me through no fault of their own. Though it is no justification for me essentially disappearing without explanation, I was too caught up in my negative feelings towards this site and daily life in general to write this until now, May 2013. I wish you well, and hope that your artistic endeavors bring you fulfillment.

Nearly 10 years ago I took a 2.1 megapixel camera, shot a closeup of a bucket of water in the sun, and found myself with an image more of fantasy than what was directly in front of me. Brilliant, blinding light and slices of blue, violet, and green – like sunlight through dense leaves. That photo isn’t much by my current standards, but when I saw it back then, that bucket filled with water was more than an object, more than a tool of limited use, and I found myself in complete awe.

I’ve sought to bring the unnoticeable and overlooked of everyday life into focus ever since – stuff you wouldn’t bother giving a first glance to. My goal is to change mundane to extraordinary, trivial to life changing. To offer visuals you may find unnatural, otherworldly, even impossible, though you might see the subject matter every day.

I welcome insights into the strengths and weaknesses of my work. Feel free to critique any of my images – I’ll be happy to return the favor if you like.

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