I grew up on in Sorrento, VIC, Australia and I am nowr residing in Rome, Italy. I have a passion for art and music. Photographic interests include landscape and travel. I am a nurse for now but dream one day to take my passion further.

I find it impossible to unravel myself from capturing the beauty of our surrounds and by doing so I look beyond the naked eye, into a world many times missed by passing strangers.

I shoot with:

Pentax K5 and K10 Digital SLR
SDM 16-50mm Pentax , FA 35mm Pentax, 18-200mm Sigma & DA 18-55mm Pentax.
Hoya UV and Polarising filters & Cokin ND Gradient Filter

Here is a glimpse of what I see.


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  • Age: 36
  • Joined: July 2008


Yesterday morning

Five thirty on a saturday morning on the beach at Tideways. Just me, no one else. No wind and just the waves gently crashing on the untouched sand. Up close the piers creaked ever so slightly and one tiny bird, sat nearby and watched me as I go by my business. / I hope you all welcome me to this new group. My experience and love for piers just like this day are many
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Will this just be a memory

It was early morning. The fog had just lifted and the beauty of nature was all around. I followed the winding road to a far away place amongst the thick dark forrest of Lady Talbot Drive, to photograph the falls. Keppel Falls is large and beautiful this time of year as the snow melts from Lake Mountain nearby. On my journey I pass a large logging truck, stacked to the brim of gum. Minutes later, …
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