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Alex Motley

Midhurst, United Kingdom

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Thanks for stopping by! If, as they say, you enjoy looking at my shots half as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them then I’ll have enjoyed the experience twice as much as you have….

The images on my page are the results of two years of experimentation, frustration, learning and improvement. They are also two years in which I got married, moved home, became a dad and maintained a hectic ‘all hours’ job. As such, continuity and a clear arc of improvement have given way to sporadic activity and inconsistency. However, behind all this is a sustained love of the medium of digital photography and a fascination with what can be achieved. Redbubble (and its members) and Digital Photo magazine have been a constant encouragement, I thank you all for your help and advice.

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  • Age: 40
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Over cooking it

Over the last couple of months I’ve updated my lens, my laptop, my photoshop software and have now begun looking at HDR with Photomatix. It’s been an almost overwhelming experience working with all these tools as, previously, with my ageing laptop it took hours to do anything and now it’s possible to create an image in a few minutes. And therein lies the danger. Some work I…
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