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So grateful

I’m incredibly grateful for all my sales on RedBubble and would like to give a big thanks to everyone who has bought my Tshirts and stickers. You are all amazing!!!!
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Sold two more items on RedBubble haha! So happy that its finally kicking off! I can’t wait to get more tshirts online so that more people can enjoy them! Thank you all!!!!!
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Finally uploaded all of my quotation tees, now I can get started on my comedic tee designs.
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Sold my first item on RedBubble!!!!!! I’m pretty stoked… even though it was only a small sale, it gives me hope that others may come across my work and like it enough to buy. The email alerting me of my sale gave me a really fuzzy wuzzy feeling inside…. coz I’m lame like that. Thank you all though
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