Alexa Aulds

London, United Kingdom

I am a freelance artist based in London. Original artwork, limited edition prints and commissions are all available. /...

I was born at the centre of a labyrinth in Bristol under a new moon. The fairies, animals and other spirits that lived there taught me how to open up to my senses, and using them to guide me I found my way out into the world.

I originally studied languages at university in London and then after travelling to faraway lands I returned home and my inner artist was born. I would say I am more a self-teaching artist rather than self-taught as I believe I am constantly developing and polishing my technique. Most of my work is painted using acrylic on canvas board and often incorporates metallic leaf and inks. The beauty of the human body takes central role in many of my paintings, largely inspired by the Art Deco movement and the decadence of the 1920s. My style is distinctive and bold and mainly sculptural, through blending the paint using the smallest of brushes, and focusing on light, shadow and texture, which I particularly like to experiment with in the hair. The subjects of my works try to show the spirit embodied in human form and I use the brush as a tool to create the emotion that people demonstrate and experience in real life while leaving that piece of mystery and intrigue to portray our emotional spectrum.

Art comes in many forms and I daily look for ways to be affected by the world around me. I’m a dreamer, carefree, and often away with the fairies, an adventurous globetrotter and I like to expand my horizons to gain inspiration from all walks of life. World travel and the study of languages have largely contributed to my inspiration from other cultures through tribal and world art and the symbols and patterns they use. I also take an interest in how we communicate through speech but also how a large portion of communication is achieved through the body and senses. My work is greatly inspired by the smells, textures, colours and sounds of nature, all the senses that evoke emotion from the abyss of the human soul.

Past work has drawn inspiration from the seasons, the compass points, the elements, the circus, and children’s fairy tales. I have recently been working on a series of paintings incorporating the Latin phrase “memento mori” with the purpose of reminding people of their mortality, an artistic theme dating back to antiquity.

I try to paint people in a reflective manner, contemplating existence and the universal questions that we all ask. Most of all I strive to create paintings that evoke some kind of emotional reaction. I draw much inspiration from the beauty of life, found sometimes in individual objects, be that a feather, the wing of a butterfly, a stormy sky, or the sparkle in a person’s eye. I thrive on the beauty of life, all the highs and lows that existence brings to the individual, and how the vastness of our universe can make us often feel incredibly small, although in a strangely carefree way.

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