the tram ride

We will go with the bunnies,
cocooned from the night
cosy and warm inside the tram’s glowing light
and we’ll laugh and we’ll talk
about all sorts of things
any sort of thing
to distract us from the darkness there outside.

We might even sneak a peek
catch a frightening glimpse or two
of what’s out there …. what’s out there?! ….
then we’ll quickly look away.

We don’t want to see
no, we don’t want to know
we’re taking the tram-ride
the safe-ride through life
riding with the bunnies
trembling at the dark
hoping the tram’s light never goes out.

The Tram by Sergei Rukavishnikov

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I write stories. Sometimes I take photos.
The photos of me were taken by Ron Co
The art is by Sergei Rukavishnikov
I’m Australian, and I thank Muds for that.

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  • charanjitsingh chandhok
    charanjitsingh...over 1 year ago

    I was may be 5 the first time I saw ‘tram’ operate in Chandni Chawk area of Delhi , the track then is now foot path which now appears so narrow and the area around…there about is so crowded being in one of busiest Bazars of Delhi, its hard to even visualize if operating a tram there about would have been possible at all …adding Total Nostalgia …

    In relevance that late evening scene is the flash back , I think of everything in expression your poem and in relevance, Robert Hughes line :
    “The basic purpose of art …… is to close the gap between you and everything that is not you.” Robert Hughes

  • Thank you, Charan ….. how surreal it can sometimes be, to see the places we saw when we were children. Everything seemed so big, so fantastic then, didn’t it: :) I revisited the house where I grew up. It was a very nostalgic experience and so different to how I remember it.

    I know that you would relate to the quote from Robert Hughes. It’s how you see all of life, isn’t it :) We miss out too much if we focus only on the things we think we like, things we think are safe.

    – Alenka Co

  • charanjitsingh chandhok
    charanjitsingh...over 1 year ago

    Yes Alenka and am sure you see more than you actually saw .
    That one scene which I remember creates such Nostalgia that each time I come across a thing about ‘tram’ ; it adds to several soulful feelings . Just to quote one more , when I was in Reading (during 2001-02) a historic sort of old city in Pennsylvania , where now its a sprawling wide road between some modern and some old buildings, shops and restaurants in heart of town ; some local friends described about a ‘tram’ service there about and a tram track covering sides of same wide road , the tram plied to outskirts sides of the city . Imagining those routes was a kind of over time thoughts about past of the city where George Washington is supposed to have lodged few weeks during American revolution and on a side road( 5th avenue) there is a small house of first floor where Lafayette lived .

  • Vitaliy Gonikman
    Vitaliy Gonikmanover 1 year ago

    That is one of my very favorite works by Sergei and your poetry is so gratly illustrated by it. Brings my chilhood memories when riding the tram with my parents and feeling so protected inside this little rolling world….and looking out of weendow on dark and unknown outside….and clinging even tighter to your sit….

  • I know that feeling, Vitaliy. The image brought back similar memories in me. I loved trams and trains as a child. Sadly, they are not so common these days, instead, there are buses for public transport which I don’t find at all appealing or romantic. And they lack that rolling feeling and the wonderful sound. Yes, i remember the night time travel, when the city is transformed to something else :) Everything is so fast these days, and people are turned inwards more ….. I suppose the speed makes it difficult to see much, especially underground.

    – Alenka Co

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