blind windows

she can feel her wings again
can feel the feathers growing
soon she will fly away
far away from the blind windows’ empty gaze
away from the isolation
the threats and humiliation
the alienation
soon she will go where the wind will take her
where no-one will blame her or abuse her
no-one will judge by the colour of her birth
she can feel the feathers growing
soon she will be flying
to where windows are open wide
no discrimination, no subjection
no rejection


she thought it would be dark
but it was white, blank,
like an empty page
and it was cold, no …..
it was she who was cold
cold and blue like ice
dissolving into nothingness
she thought she’d be falling
or drifting or floating
but she was standing
on a fragment of a house
that only ever existed in her dreams
she thought she would disappear
into the emptiness forever
not even her angel could find her there
then the sound of wings
coming towards her
cutting through the silence
of oblivion

blind windows

she stands on the edge of darkness,
pale as the pale moonlight,
there are towers of windows all around her
while below on the streets life goes on.

night after night she stands here
on this small ledge outside her room,
a room cold and empty without him
where his voice softly whispers her name,
where the bed in which they slept together
she can’t bear to sleep in alone.

she stares at the stars, hoping
for a sign he’d be returning soon;
so many days and nights she’s been waiting
waiting for him in this empty room

she stands on the edge of darkness
no-one sees her in the pale moonlight,
towers of blind windows all around her,
while below life goes on just the same

BlindWindows by Sergei Rukavishnikov

more of Sergei’s art can be seen in his RB portfolio

Currently unavailable for purchase

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