Granny's by Sergei Rukavishnikov by Alenka Co "BloodFeed" by Sergei Rukavishnikov by Alenka Co "Stupor"  by Sergei Rukavishnikov by Alenka Co "Yardman"  by Sergei Rukavishnikov by Alenka Co


Granny had given her the boots, so magic was quite likely involved

lightness of being

I cannot hold it / try, and it melts like a snowflake in my hand


while the sun just shines and the rain just falls / and the river flows on regardless
I can dance by Alenka Co

the thief and the soldier

“You are a thief,” he gently said, / “and I am a soldier.”

the hills of home

it was a day in early Spring / after the rains had clothed the hills in velvet green / and the air was fresh, the sun was warm / that he fi…

across the sea

the smell of honeysuckle, the taste of kisses sweet / she takes with her into the sea / and the sea takes her into the depths / where memor…

these seeds of life

she takes his hard-worked hand in hers / tomorrow the harvesting will begin


tonight let her tears seep into this soil / let the grief and the loss drain away with each drop

behind the glass

from behind the glass / she watches the world / and closes the blinds / when it all gets too much
"You still here?" by Alenka Co

ticks and jackjumpers, thistles and thorns

Blundstone boots, thick socks, trousers, jumper ….. / you don’t go barefoot dancing in the moonlight in this forest / not unle…

the keep

this is the tower / the keep of memories / here they are, stored / in photographs and film / videos and books and words / remembering loved…
the tower by Alenka Co

chasing rainbows

The child chased rainbows, / tried to catch them where they touched the ground. / She wanted to see those colours from the inside / feel …

someone before me

was it a soldier returned from a war / seeking peace here in the bush

just before it begins

you feel it, that pause just before it begins / a silence so intense, it shatters like glass to the first bird-call / you feel before you s…
"Fiddle"  by Sergei Rukavishnikov by Alenka Co

go away

child, go away / far away from this place / already it’s sniffing / your songs and your dreams / the demons here feed / on such pre…
Stonebow by Alenka Co


you carry with you the memories / knowing you can never go back

the promise

in the silence is the music
breakfast at Stonebow by Alenka Co


galaxies above, galaxies below

sissy stuff

“They want us to play kiss-chasey.” The little boy faces grimace in unison.


we are like alien beings / unable to communicate


you can hear them on the other side of the door / grumbling and mumbling about the service, stomping their feet / dusk already and youR…

reaching out

it starts so small / barely visible / a spark / a tiny glow

breathing life

your time is measured / in centuries

“the smell of coffee, freshly ground”

a gentle man, / a sweet, shy smile / I write stories, because of him
sweet seduction by Alenka Co

in my blood

I hear you in my blood, taste you in my tears

if a letter could travel back in time

don’t worry, little one
this day by Alenka Co

this day

Early morning here in Penguin. The sun is just now streaming across the sea and in through the window where I sit, sorting through photos…

scaring Lucy


Mundoo Pub on a Saturday night


the bucket incident

This is embarrassing. / First day of the school year and I’m in the sick-room with a bucket by my side. Melva’s driving me home shortly, ha…

Mundoo School Concert

“Well, hang up your stocking, girl. You never know your luck.”

song without words

you sing / and your song without words fills the air
Dark Angel by Alenka Co


the feel of skin on skin / fingers caressing the contours of a lover’s face, / painting her image in your mind

the kite

He felt her contentment, a warm, satisfied glow that radiated from her. The child was pleased.
the reason by Alenka Co

grab my camera, grab my man

a pause in the rain / I grab my camera, grab my man

Nature’s joke

Sometimes I get the feeling we’re Nature’s joke. That our sole purpose in life is to make her laugh. Like just now, serving …

until then

the day will come / it will, my child / when you will blossom / in the sun / until then / take your time / there is no rush / with gentle g…

two white horses

That kitchen window seemed like a portal into another world. Like the old rippled glass gave glimpses into other dimensions, other times t…

Momma says

Momma says I gotta stay here / not allowed out in the open / ‘cos there’s big birds and big devils / and they eat us little joeys / Momma s…

cloud walk

today those clouds are drifting low / past my window and through the trees / they wrap around the tower where I sit

holding hands

The dominant female, gentle and delicate, she held on but never drew blood, nibbled a finger but never bit. / A wild animal from the forest…

ready or not

you just saddle up / and ride it with a grin

summer blue

the words she was shouting / were taken by the wind

don’t look back

remember her as she was

there was a beach

before the developers came / before the bulldozers rolled in / and the walls went up / and the cement spread out / there was a beach where …

skirt of blossoms

she was swirling / wildflowers spilling

in your dreams

but to fly for real, child, to fly for real / that takes more than dreaming dreams

all it takes

a touch


when darkness befalls me / I can’t bear it alone / the darkness is heavy / it sinks my heart and soul / I need you to hold me / I nee…

you can do it

you’re a big boy now
:))  yes it is by Alenka Co

better than chocolate

yes, it is :))

oh, quack!

what if she is demented / what if she is possessed
on the edge of the world by Alenka Co

then and now

as close to the wild as one can get without going feral.


she gathers them gently one by one

glorious, you are

you are the flame that ignites / the fire of the heart

one last touch

he lingers / he doesn’t want to leave you

and the windmill slowly turns

He reaches across the pitch-black between us. “Take my hand,” he says. / I shake my head. / “Not leaving you behind,” he tells me quietly,…
"Shore"  by Sergei Rukavishnikov by Alenka Co

scales for skin

she cannot swim / lost her tail for two legs / her scales for skin


I am living in denial / blistered feet, skin in sack-cloth

the ride

there’s nothing to pay

“They call me Sweetie,” she said.

“I don’t know why.”

as the silence falls between them

“We really messed up, didn’t we,” she says, looking away.

till the end of time

he has followed her from the beginning
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