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My Sales till date 25th April 2014 Many Thanks to all the buyers

“My Recent Sales
Sold A sticker on 25th April 2014

Sold 3 T Shirts on 5th of March 2014

A photographic print, sold on 21st Feb 2014

A card on 3rd Jan 2014 "Garden Theme (Bird Bath &Gnome) "
sold on 25th Nov 2013 a Card Teddy in the Bath tub

A Card Xmas Cookies & Sweats sold on 23rd Nov 2013

Sold 2 sticker on 7th Nov 2013 and 29th Oct 2013

A Christmas Card Christmas Ornaments Sold 7th Sept 2013

Previous Sales A card Cup Cake Variety 2013 sold on 6th Dec 2012

A card 2 pink tulips on 6th Dec 2012

card Easter greetings on 6th Dec 2012

A Card Easter Chick on 6th Dec 2012

A Card Chocolate Easter Egg on 6th Dec 2012

A sticker { My Pony } sold on 4th Dec 2012

Sold on 29th Nov, 2012 A Card X…

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Illustrations on any Redbubble products { Tshirts , cards, Prints,posters, I phones and I pads}
Ebook, and Childrens early Reading Books,
illustrations on Magazines,
Specially designed Invitations, ( Weddings, Party’s Etc)