Single mom of 2 fabulous boys. Photography is a hobby for me.  I live in SW Virginia, where there is a lot of beauty to be photographed. My boyfriend & I do lots of motorcycle riding and several of my photos are taken from the back of his motorcycle. I take hundreds as we ride. I LOVE IT. ({:o)

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Field of Dreams by Cathy Cale

Field of Dreams / by Cathy Cale
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I sold another calendar!! Yes it has been almost a year since the first and only other sale I’ve had but I am still SO EXCITED!! WOO HOO!! Thank you to the person that bought it. Sincerely, Cathy
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I just won my very FIRST challenge!!!! I feel like I just won $1000!!!! I AM FLAT OUT SO HAPPY!! Thanks to the Backyard Photography group for the votes. WOO HOO!! ({:o)
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I’ve had FIVE features in the last eight days. A new record for me. Thanks to all the groups. I’ve also had several top ten finishes!! I love this site. Thanks again Cathy ({:o)
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