Albert L.Stewart, Sr. (1960 – present) Stewart was born on a small rural farm in Lexington, MS, to an African American family. He began his education at Pilgrim’s Rest, a traditional church kindergarten in Lexington.

After high school, Stewart enlisted into the military. During a lengthy enlistment in the US Marines in Naples,Italy, Stewart bought his first camera. From sightseeing to university classes, his talents started to materialize. The product of his achievement is sampled in this gallery.

Artist Words:
“I have grown to look for the action and the subtleties of nature, and not to worry so much about the big picture. I look for moments of conflict and chaos, as well as instances of peace and surrender.” Stewart

“My mind rests among the clouds.” Stewart

“True genius requires only a sketch, the mind fills in the details” Stewart

Group Featured Work

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