Redbubble says that I'm only supposed to upload my best work but

Redbubble says that I’m only supposed to upload my best work but WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THIS OTHER GARBAGE THAT I’VE SHOT?


Oh, I’m supposed to garbage it? But we don’t have garbage up here in Canada! (yeah right)

That’s the end of this journal so you can move along now. I said move along and you continue to read? Move along people! I know how to make you move along. I’m going to stop writing. There, I’ve stopped. I think, but wait my fingers continue to move. (Where is that hammer)?


  • Care
    Careabout 6 years ago

    Hahahahahaha!!!…what if I don’t wanna move along…??? ; )

  • Albert1000
    Albert1000about 6 years ago

    Then I would definitely suggest that you DON’T.

  • Rocketchook
    Rocketchookabout 6 years ago

    Thing is …………….. this is one of the best things I’ve read in a long time. Give us more.

  • imageofpix4u
    imageofpix4uabout 6 years ago

    Albert. I just looked at your portfolio,,,wow thats alot of pix dude. Like maybe 60 to 80 percent isn’t garbage,,it’s art,,,your art. I liked the ducks and other water fowl. I confess I too shoot coins, money and knives and guns. It’s not interesting to most people, true enough. Hey some motorheads out there think that a chrome radiator hose clamp, shot macro with natural light,,,,is beautiful art. Maybe ART is an acronym for Anything Resembling Trash. Speaking of jumping out of the window. I read about this artist who put a 3 meter square of canvas on the ground and leaped out of a ten floor flat onto it.
    The work was entitled “Posthumous Self Portrait” and that it got smashing reviews. I doubt however few of us are willing to put that much into our work. Another bloke goes around North America photgraphing road kill and sells enlargements for well over a grand each. There is no accounting for taste Hey? Maybe we should start a group for eccentric obsessive shutter pullers.

    Alex in Alabama
  • Care
    Careabout 6 years ago

    hmmm…I’ve just ben reading some of your journals…love your sense of humor….and seeing as you are a writer….just wondering why you have no written work….? : )

  • Well, probably because I’m a screenwriter. I’ve written about a dozen scripts and managed to get two optioned but I don’t have any produced.
    Additionally, It’s difficult to even get a producer to read anything and I’m not very good at the selling part. I have scripts that nobody has read.
    But I’ve started a novel and I’m all the way up to the first chapter. Will I finish it? That’s a definite maybe. But I hope so.


    – Albert1000

  • picketty
    pickettyabout 6 years ago

    We should each be allowed 2 for our best and one for our fun shots and “garbage”

  • Care
    Careabout 6 years ago

    well…I will be waiting with anticipation for your novels release!!…you definately have a natural talent with words : )

  • Dawn B Davies-McIninch
    Dawn B Davies-...about 6 years ago

    another mans rubbish is another mans gold, and who know what someone would like, put them all on

  • Even a picture of my ugly head? Scary!

    – Albert1000

  • Dawn B Davies-McIninch
    Dawn B Davies-...about 6 years ago

    hee hee well you aint seen mine hee hee

  • Leslie Wood
    Leslie Woodabout 6 years ago

    I think everyone on here pretty much does post their best work….at least to them….which is all that matters right? If not then I’m in trouble. :D