My journey to painting started when my career as a public relations specialist for hospitals came to a sudden and complete halt due to illness. While recooperating, I went to a mall where there were over 1,000 original paintings on display. Having found the paintings I favored the most, the artist told me she was the teacher to half the artists there. I was hooked. She asked me if I were in any of the arts. Well I had studied opera and concert for 9 years and am degreed in music. She said if you are in one of the arts, you are in all of them. She was right. I could paint!

With many many lessons, my paintings have won juried competitions, one is in a museum, and I paint for members of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

What gives me the greatest pleasure is being a volunteer teacher of oil painting (and some acrylic) at our local Senior Center. We have great fun with people at all stages of painting. It’s a fun class with lots of laughter (as art should be fun),along with people learning and improving all the time.

My hope is you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed paintng them.

  • Joined: March 2011