I’m a producer/writer in television and film. More of my photography, and that of other fine artists, can be viewed online at Trillium Gallery. Please visit the Gallery at:


My deep thanks to each one who’s chosen to look in on my portfolio over the last few years on RB. (There have been over 50,000 viewings and countless favoritings – extremely modest by some standards but very meaningful to me.) Your interest and kind comments have been immeasurably encouraging.

A quick background: I’ve been taking shots for several years and, since moving back to northern California a few years ago, have been inspired by the mountains, coast, forests and my own backyard to shoot more.

I have been asked if I use Photoshop. I don’t, though perhaps someday I’ll have time to learn it. I have tremendous admiration for the work of those artists who use it well. Their works are often breathtaking, and you’ll find many of them in my Favorites, which I encourage you to visit. The photos there represent some enormously talented people.

I don’t superimpose any textures or color on my shots. I find that colors and texture emerge from within.

I sometimes frame and then process a shot based on whether I’d like to see it as a painting. I suppose, more than anything, I’m influenced by painters — among them Turner, Delacroix, Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Klimt, Matisse, Chagall, Kandinsky, Kahn – many others.

I hope you enjoy some of what appears here. I’d appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for looking!


I might add that my photos are protected by copyright and can’t be used anywhere else in any way without written permission. Intellectual property rights laws would be applied, of course, if necessary. Thanks very much for respecting the copyright. It’s much appreciated.

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