I originally completed a photography and film degree, and have worked professionally in the field, I’ve also had a number of works published, and a couple of exhibitions. I drifted off into other things and lost my love of photography, but still occasionally taught part-time to ‘keep my hand in’….

I am re-discovering photography now I have finally given in to digital. It hurt to leave my Bronica and my back-catalogue behind… I was always a bit of a purist! (ironic I know, when much of my career has been dealing with technology on one level or another)…

I now run a web design and marketing company doing web design and SEO in Spain, we also have clients in the UK, US and other countries. And – as so many people do these days – I also have a personal blog.

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(As a media professional I do take any breaches of copyright seriously. I have and will take action, so please do me the courtesy of requesting written permission if you would like to do anything with my work apart from make a regular Red Bubble purchase)

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