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RB FAIL, again.

RedBubble has once again gone and changed the way we can display, and order, our work and, again, NOT for the better. Before, we had at least 3 ways to display our work surrounded in black to make our work more vivid, ie. matted, framed, canvas with artist name. Now we are down to only “framed”, which is by far the least attractive for online display.
I realize RB has the stats for the versions that sell the best, and obviously they occasionally need to change the style of the offerings according to those statistics, but these constant changes on this site just piss off us veterans who have been here since the beginning.
Now I am again most seriously considering abandoning RB for the third time because I expend a ton of time to post here and I do my best to post my work in the most attractive fashion, but RB has just removed my best options.
RB, I have told you many times that change is not always a good thing. Showing a consistently good product is. Change for the sake of change is just annoying to the artists who want consistency and beauty in their displays.
RB has to know that their sales have slipped dramatically and that competitors’ sites like FAA are outselling them by a huge margin because they show off our products in more exciting fashions. All this mouse-over and drop-down crap makes it difficult for buyers to find something attractive that they would buy, and the more attractive options have been removed.
RB caused many of us to leave when they restricted our tags to only 10 before they finally relented and increased the number to 50. Then they have since stopped our BubbleSites where we had expended hundreds of hours of work and they just tossed them aside. And now they have reduced the purchase options for our work to the most boring to view online. Good grief!
Is it any wonder at all that almost everyone on my watchlist from the original days have abandoned RB?? Give your head a shake RB.
The more that I type this note, I realize that I may as well stop wasting my time with RB and concentrate my efforts on the sites that care about my work and actually help me sell with proper displays of exciting options. RB, you are a huge FAIL in that department!

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