Hi all,
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NOTE: As of May 2013 RB no longer allowed propagation of these Bubblesites so you have my sincere apologies on this. Any links to the Bubblesites now send you back to our Portfolio. RB has a habit of scrapping hours and hours of our work on their whims as they always think that change is always for the better. I, on the other hand, fully subscribe to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” train of thought.
They want us to use “Collections” instead but then myopically restrict us to 100 works per Collection.
Now in April 2014 they have eliminated many of my favourite product lines….

My NEW PERSONAL WEBSITE to direct folks to all of my work is HERE

I do hope you enjoy my work.
If a link does not work, just contact us directly and we will try to fix it it..

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September 2015 update: Over 1,000,000 views on this site alone, and about 1,900,000 over my five alter-egos. I am overwhelmed by the great response. I counted over 37 of my works that have over 3,000 views each…. Over 180 sales in total which doesn’t set the world on fire but it is nice to see RB rebounding a lot lately.

I now have over 20,000 views of the following Rustic Log Cabin artwork alone! Thank you to all those who have viewed and favored it.


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Still having major glitches

Tuesday AM Sept 29: I spent almost an hour preparing a product upload, only to get an error message that the artwork did not upload,…. AND then there was no way to recover all that hard work… / I am not about to try all that over again from scratch today, I am too upset. / UGH!!!!!!! / Tuesday PM Sept 29: After doing it in stages, and being booted out twice, I finally got the first…
Posted about 1 month – 2 comments

How to find out if anyone is using/stealing your work...

I found this easy-to-use site for this purpose: / https://www.tineye.com/ / If someone is using one of my artworks, but not for profit of any kind, I usually just send them an email requesting that they at least give me credit for the photo….. / Cheers, Al
Posted 9 months – 3 comments

RB does it again... More inane changes

A person just cannot get comfortable with RB because they keep changing things for no apparent reason. Now a person cannot see our “Descriptions” (now called “Artists Notes”) while they comment. They are now two separate pages. / Downloads are slow as molasses again and then, to top it off, they have suspended downloads this morning. / Replies to comments are not working…
Posted 9 months – 5 comments

Respond to your comments is working again... finally

Update Monday Apr 13 – Here is the reply I got from RB (and it seems to be working now..): / Hi there Al, / Thanks very much for getting in touch with that feedback, I’m sorry about the delay getting back to you! / As part of the ongoing changes to the work preview pages, we had a temporary bug with the comments section not allowing replies which has now been fixed. If you’re still having any iss…
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