Manchester, United Kingdom

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It's been a while...

Hello there! Remember me? I have just peeped my head around the corner to find that RB has changed (can’t find my way around) and I have sold a Wing Walker t-shirt. Woohoo and thanks very much to the anonymous buyer!

Hope all of you are well and not fading away too much in the heatwave! :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing every one of my lovely Bubblers a happy new year!! I hope 2012 brings you all health, wealth, happiness and some nice weather! Massive hug for every last one of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello all...and a sale!

Greetings to everybody! Hope you still remember me, I’ve been off RB that much. Just checking in to say that I hope everybody is doing well and enjoying the Summer (depending on where in the world you are).

Very many thanks to the unknown buyer who purchased one of my Arrows to the sun t-shirts. Don’t know who you are…but you’re fabulous. :o)