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Nr Monmouth, United Kingdom

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Hey guys, our photos are being exhibited in an art gallery, it will be showing for one month, until the 6th October. If anyone is interested in coming along let us know and we will try and meet you there!

Here is the link Crown Art Gallery

There is more about it on our blog also

Shipping costs

We won a $20 in a competition so we decided to get a couple of prints but the shipping costs from the US are quite horrendous! I think this must put a lot of people off buying prints from other countries.

My question is; why can’t Redbubble have someone that can print & distribute here (or other places in Europe, the World) surely this would keep shipping costs to a minimum and be much greener.

Prints (*Sell your work on your own website*)

So I have made some changes to our website, I have added the ’*Sell your work on your own website…* Redbubble code to our prints page The only problem was that I only wanted the images with no adult content to be shown as our website as it is for all ages (our work is very eclectic).

To do that I had to hide all the work with adult content on here from the public and then grab the code and I think when I did that all the work I had added to groups then vanished from them! Oh dear! And a few had been featured…

Oh well, I think the Redbubble sales code looks quite good on our website, I customised it slightly so all the colours matched ours and made the thumbs a bit smaller. I wonder if there is another way without going to all that trouble.

Sorry groups I will have to re-add …