Black Day On The Bubble by AJM Photography


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415 views as of 16 Sept 2011 and featured in the group ‘100 – 499 Views’.

Now available as a T-shirt – see below!

So, the new product page has been implemented without any modifications to the previewed version, despite the numerous thoughtful comments and constructive suggestions. It is rather disappointing that, having asked for feedback, our responses have not been taken into account. (See, for example, this RB journal and Damienne Bingham’s journal .)

In my view, the product page now looks more like a supermarket than a gallery. Something like the new format could be fine for the purchase page, but not for displaying fine art.

Maybe the format will be tweaked in the coming days, or maybe I will just learn to live with it. In the meantime, here’s my gentle protest.

These are some of the things I don’t like:

- I want to see my description (which I have taken great care over writing and formatting) alongside my image, in that huge area of waste space ie. where it was before.

- I don’t want to have to press another button to see the full description of the image (which you have probably just had to do if you have read this far…)

- If I click the little arrows on either side of the thumbnail previews of my other works, I want to see more thumbnails but do not want to be taken to another work unless I click on a specific thumbnail. In my view, this is a fundamental design error.

Update 6/9/11: this has been implemented! Thank you for listening, RB.

- If I go to an image and click on the button to purchase prints, I should be able to see all the menu options on the screen without having to scroll down and press the button again.

Update 6/9/11: this has been implemented as well! Wow!

- I would like to see the most recent comments at the top of the list, especially if the list that is initially shown is going to be truncated.

Update 7/9/11: here’s another issue I’ve just noticed: it does not appear to be possible to break replies to comments into paragraphs.

Update 14/9/11: next issue – the fact that I now have to press two edit buttons to edit an image (and keep hitting the ‘MyBubble’ button by mistake). Oh, and I don’t need my name after every comment reply – after all, replies can only be from me!

Update 14/9/11: silence from RB on the main issues. Meanwhile, the Feedback has reached a whopping 847 votes. And while Google Analytics show that overall visits to my work are significantly down since the changes, the real effect is probably underestimated since most of those visits have been to this protest. In fact, Black Day On The Bubble is by far my most successful recent work…

Update 15/9/11: apparently things are even worse for group moderators. For those groups that require specific information in the description, moderators are now finding their work is taking significantly longer. That is why some are now requesting that information to be in the first line of the description. There is an example at the top of this page – not normally what I would want to see first as a viewer. (And I wonder how to handle the situation where an image is entered in five groups, all of which require the qualifying info to be in the first line of the description.)

Update 15/9/11: When I view an image I find it very disconcerting to see the “Leave a comment” box just below it, with my profile pic prominently alongside. My immediate subconscious reation is that I’ve already been there.

Update 16/9/11: The comment preview button does not work. I have just formatted a comment so that the first few words, a quote from a comment, were in itallics and the rest not. Looked fine in the preview. But when it uploaded it was all in italics

Update 16/9/11: This work is now available printed on a T-shirt at your local store. Just ask for the plain black T-shirt – they’ll know which one you mean!

Update 04/10/11: Still not a squeak out the staff, but at least some small changes are taking place. There appears to be a new addition to the panel on the right called “Work stats” which shows numbers of views, favourites etc. This should help with the moderation of some groups, but is not really addressing the big issues.

Update update: scrap that – seems I can only see “Work stats” on my own images…

Originally from Manchester, UK, now living in Warsaw, Poland and Tarifa, Spain, but also travelling frequently.

I currently use a Nikon D300 with Sigma lenses (18-250, 150-500, 105) and, for travel, a Sony NEX-7 with Sony (18-55, 55-210) and Tamron (18-200) lenses.

Enough of the boring stuff… on with the show.

aka AJM Photography

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  • Joanne  Bradley
    Joanne Bradleyabout 3 years ago

    Amen to that! I too am disappointed! Seems like we don’t count much as people or customers anymore… And in marketing every group of people or stakeholders involved in a project is an important group, obviously RB thinks we are not….

  • Many thanks for your support, Joanne. What really gets me is that there are some aspects that just don’t work properly.

    – AJM Photography

  • jesika
    jesikaabout 3 years ago

    Yours is the first image I have viewed since this “improvement” was imposed.
    I’ve adapted in my 4 years, this will be very difficult.
    They asked for comments, got them and ignored them. Without our input (images, writings etc), there is no RB.
    Not a happy bunny, your image is inspired.

  • Thanks for the thumbs up, Jesika. I usually keep out of these sorts of discussions and, like you, adapt to the changes as they come along. But I really do believe that this new format should have received more thought before going live.

    However, in response to the RB claim that it will lead to increased sales, I have put a significant mark-up on this particular piece!

    – AJM Photography

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimageabout 3 years ago

    excellent. I agree and support a return to the past.
    my best, francis.

  • Many thanks, Francis. I’m all for change and improvement, but only when it is genuinely an improvement. I don’t believe this is.

    – AJM Photography

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimageabout 3 years ago

    me neither !!!

  • Gisele Bedard
    Gisele Bedardabout 3 years ago

    Like Joanne said AMEN TO THAT … I don’t like it either but I don’t think it will do a difference….

  • Thanks Gisele. I think you may be right, but I would be interested to hear from anyone who can explain to me why I am wrong about the points I have raised.

    – AJM Photography

  • Evelina Kremsdorf
    Evelina Kremsdorfabout 3 years ago

    I would call it “Black Day On The Bubble” by Kazimir Malevich :)))

  • Thanks for adding a bit of humour and culture to this rather bleak posting.

    – AJM Photography

  • Evelina Kremsdorf
    Evelina Kremsdorfabout 3 years ago

    Do I get a discount if I buy a bulk of 10? :)
    But on a serious note, this whole thing is so ridiculous that if you dont joke about it, you’ll only be more pissed off. Don’t you feel like we, the artists, feel like mental patients who think we’re saying serious things but the doctors just agree with everything and laugh behind our backs?

  • If you buy 10 large framed prints, I can offer a discount of 50%. (Those who haven’t pushed the beautiful buy it button might do so now to see the implications of this awesome offer!)

    – AJM Photography

  • Damienne Bingham
    Damienne Binghamabout 3 years ago

    Well said, you’ve covered some very salient points that I overlooked in my haste. I thought I was the only one who was having trouble with the drop down menus for the products. Makes no sense for them to appear off screen .

    • the menus should rather expand out sideways.
    • the description should not be collapsed – the comments probably should be.
    • the ‘view portfolio’ link needs to be larger and more accessible

    And something that is particularly bothering me is the tags given preference as opposed to our portfolio and descriptions – the fact that the tags don’t guide a viewer to images from the same artist but rather navigate away to other artists’ work is just wrong.

    Clearly this has been designed to maximize RB sales through any artists as opposed to generating more sales for the individual.

    I’m sure there is so many more points I could make against this new setup, but I can’t even remember them all.

    I really do hope RB takes this seriously – the voice of the people is almost unanimous!

    Thanks for posting this, voicing your opinion and contributing to the overall cause!

  • I tried to resist getting involved, but uh… So, the things I have pointed out are the things that I think are wrong after trying to use the new format. Thanks for the effort you have put in, Damienne (spelt correctly now I trust!) – I hope it proves to be worthwhile.

    – AJM Photography

  • Damienne Bingham
    Damienne Binghamabout 3 years ago

    lol by the way, great sense of humour. I hope you included some subliminal messaging amidst all that black!

  • The message is very dark…

    – AJM Photography

  • Sally Green
    Sally Greenabout 3 years ago

    Arghhh! what go on with the pages?? its all like ‘stupid’ and stuff! wonderful POV, depth and clarity on this John! very evocative and emotional with great use of negative space. (for anyone who doesnt get my sense of humour, this is ‘tongue in cheek’!) p.s. i agree! XX

  • Have you seen the framed print? I feel the black frame and and black matte offset the image perfectly. Strangely, no one has bought the large framed print yet…

    – AJM Photography

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