Changes are coming

Hi to all my friends here!

First of all, as some of you might of noticed I’ve not been around much lately. Much of it to do with my health. I believe I shall know exactly what is wrong by the end of 2 weeks. Seeing so many doctors and many visits to emergency, looking forward to finally knowing what is wrong with me. Not knowing has really set me back, and have not been able to focus on much.

Also I have another move coming. I just found this beautiful home last June and the new buyer wants to access it and they don’t want me in the house. 3 floors of this house is full of my belongings. I am finding overwhelmed at this task of leaving this place I came to know and love as my new home.

I have not ignored you, just going through my thing, and I will be back, promise! Don’t give up on me, and I shall post when I can.

I love you, Bless you!

Thank you for all your support along the way.


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