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My name, Alexander James Brown, and unlike a larger portion of the world population that we happen to live with I enjoy my name in it’s entirety. I hail from the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide, to be precise, Aldinga Beach.

It seems strange to me when people sit and lament about their residential location in life. Complaints raid down about how boring Adelaide is, how backwater we truly are and how they’d rather live somewhere else. Of all my friends who have said this, the number that have taken my advice? One.

I prefer Adelaide, I love the cool laid back nature. The city breathes normal, deep breaths, unlike larger, busier cities like Sydney, or Brisbane where their breath is erratic and hastened, always shallow and on the verge of cardiac arrest.

I am most comfortable within myself but surrounded by people. When my housemates are within yelling distance, leaving me to my own devices is amazing to me. The only time that carries the same sense of ease and emotional refuge is when I am photographing. both natural and man made objects and structures, with the distinct knowledge that there is no one around to watch or judge me, or worse, to unload advice when I am within my own self.

I can see the beauty in the stark, bare steel of heavy duty power lines, the grace in white wind turbines and the snaking appeal of overland water pipes. An industrial building in a state of decay, a gathering of bins in a loading dock, a discarded chair on a dirt road, all objects to sate my visual desire.

People have questioned my desire for photographing objects and scenery and not people. Well, people are disgusting creatures. They state one thing and mean the complete opposite if a situation deems their previous statement weak or unhelpful. They’ll complain about how they look, what they’re wearing, how they laugh, how they walk and how it is all perceived by someone else. They judge without knowing all the factors. They give unwarranted advice, and feel that they themselves are better than someone else, just because someone pumped them up with egotistical thoughts and words.

When we get down to the base level of humanity, it is everyone for themselves, greed and power and anyone who denies this? Well, proves my point. You can call me cynical if you want, or pessimistic, but why believe in something that can change it’s opinion in 2 seconds, when we can believe in other things that don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are. The delicate beauty of a tulip. The strong blustery voice of an old oak. The precious sun rise and sun set.

Scenery is always changing, but never wavering in its true meaning.

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Update? I guess?

For the two people that’ll read this; Hi! It’s been a while, for which I do not apologise because life goes on regardless and no-one owes anyone anything here, okay? / I am still at uni, after 6 months trying (not really) external education I decided to face fears, anxieties and depression in the face and go to uni physically. Turns out going to a uni more than an hour from your home …
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hey, so just if you were all wondering. the reason why i have been MOSTLY absent from here is because i have been going to UNI!! thats right… i am getting meself a University Education. After three years of doing shit all, i decided to decide what to do with my life, and as it turns out, being fantastic at design and art as well as maths, geography and a love for the outdoors as well as off…
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i sold a shirt! i forgot this could happen lol…
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just a side note

hey! / all of the photographic work that i upload for a while will be of lower quality since, unfortunately, my Camera was stolen from my car last year. Parents lovingly bought me a Panasonic Lumix TZ7, which is the most amazing point and shoot camera EVER, but the control and quality just isn’t there. I really do appreciate the camera and i love it because it still takes fantastic shots, b…
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