Frederick, United States

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Hopeless romantic artist. Born a country girl, fell in love with the city. I love anything unique, whether it be cars, jewelry, fashion, etc. I also love vintage or retro, but also modern. I obviously have a broad taste in things!
I have always found art as self-expression of emotion, first and foremost. From a very early age, that was how I expressed myself. I feel my strength is portraits. I am very comfortable with the human body, but particularly the face. I started only with pencil and blank paper, but as my primary education went along, I became exposed to other mediums, like painting and computer graphic programs.
When creating a piece, I usually get inspired by something like a song or an image I’ve heard or seen and let it swirl around in my head for a while. I may even doodle some ideas out while fine tuning the idea. Then, once I have it down and know how I want it to look, I’ll decide what medium would be best. My favorite is either pencil or charcoal but I’ve been challenging myself to become better at painting or make in on my computer. I become pretty consumed once I start something, so I can complete it in a couple hours, if not interrupted. I try and put emotion into each piece, so that it speaks to every viewer, no matter how they see it. That is my goal

  • Age: 28
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I’ve been trying to keep this going regularly for a while, but also trying to put out variety. I think I’ve pushed the Markiplier thing pretty far, so I want to do more with either Fallout or the License Plates. But I will try anything, at this point. I’ve entered a new level to my art career and want to keep my skill fresh and alive. I know I probably don’t have a lot of …
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Taking Commissions!

I’ve become a little addicted to this whole designing thing. I have started a new project, but I miss the fulfillment of creating art specifically for someone else. SO! If anyone has a request, I’m happy to make it and upload it. Only thing I ask is that you spread the word about me! I want to be designing stuff people really want at really good quality. Some of the stuff on here is i…
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The road so far...

So it’s been almost a year, I think, since I found this site. At first, I was amazed at how much creativity and talent this place has. I kept adding more and more things to my favorites and commenting on things that really moved me. Then, I decided to try it myself. I must say, I was a little horrified when people didn’t start buying my stuff right away ;) but once I got more and more…
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