A very quick hello!

Hi to all my wonderful RB friends, big hugs and kisses to you!

I know I haven’t been around the bubble much, and I’m sorry to say I won’t be for a little while.

My job has just gone completely insane and crazy with no end in sight just yet, and I have no internet at home any more dues to computer crashes, loss of dial-up and no way of getting broadband or wireless….very frustrating!! So I am sorry not to have caught up with all your lovely comments and the beautiful works you’ve all been producing.

I promise to look in when I can, but sorry if I miss HEAPS of stuff, please don’t take it personally!! :(



  • annamora
    annamoraabout 4 years ago

    take care
    wish you to be on top of all soon and have more time for bubble

  • catherine walker
    catherine walkerabout 4 years ago

    It’ all Ok alexandra..don’t worry and yes it’s awful with all those glitches..stay well .

  • Heidi Mooney-Hill
    Heidi Mooney-Hillabout 4 years ago

    Hi Alexandra, don’t worry, all good RB friends would never take it personally, when for a while friends dissapear from the monitor. Otherwise they are not worth to be called a friend. We all go thru such times, and knowing that my RB friends think of me helps alot
    Take care and I hope everything will turn out OK
    hugs Heidi

  • KazM
    KazMabout 4 years ago


  • BGlatzeder
    BGlatzederabout 4 years ago

    Hey there :-) hope there’s some joy in the job for you, to make up for the technical hiccups. I don’t see how anyone could take something like that personally, so don’t worry, make sure you look after yourself well and have fun. Take care and catch you when you’ve got the time and the nerve for the good ol’ bubbling xx

  • Shylie Edwards
    Shylie Edwardsabout 4 years ago

    glad you contacted us!! i was thinking of you last week!!
    Hope they are paying you lots at work!!! ha ha!! Hope you have time to create!!! hoping to see you soon!!! cheers shyliexx

  • Anni Morris
    Anni Morrisabout 4 years ago

    Hi Alexandra, Not to worry, we all get times when other things take over in our lives. Guess we try and squeeze in our creativity where and when we can. Hope you get some r & r somehow. Internet and pc probs are very frustrating, we all relie on it so much these days. Take care, hugs ~ Anni xxx

  • Jacqueline Eden
    Jacqueline Edenabout 4 years ago

    xoxo :)

  • Julie-Ann Vellios
    Julie-Ann Velliosabout 4 years ago

    take care of yourself and what you need to do….you will be missed and I look forward to seeing more great work later on …love and good wishes ♥

  • Susan Duffey
    Susan Duffeyabout 4 years ago

    Best wishes And see you as soon as it is possible