‘Air drawn’ is a fantastic term to express the process of imagination – sometimes great ideas do come out of thin air!

After 15 years experience in branding, graphic design and illustration Justin Ebbels founded Air Drawn Industries in November 2011.

As a Brand strategist, graphic designer and illustrator by trade, Red Bubble has provided a great environment to promote illustrations of whatever motivates me to put pen to paper.

At the moment my 16 month old boy is the driver – as he discovers a new animal that excites him, I’m drawn into seeing the animal for the first time all over again!

Strengths of Air Drawn Industries are our ability to see the lighter side of life and to get our hands dirty! Where appropriate, we see illustration and art as a unique way to express a story in a world saturated by imagery. An illustrative approach creates 
a memorable and personal touch which expresses 
meaning simply in the style itself.

You can check out my design portfolio at

  • Joined: November 2011