My new digital art forum - would you like to join?

Dear Bubblers and Artmates,

This is a personal announcement!

I am about to built up an own forum.
It is all about digital art and being an artist :-)

This Forum will be bilingual, German and English.

It will take some time until it is built and set up, but when it is done and all the work is finished, I will start to spread invitations.
To find out who among you is interested in “Anida’s ArtShell”, (*An*drea*Ida*s Artshell), which is meant to be a friendly, supportive and inspiring forum, it would be nice if you tell me wether you would join!

Please write a short reply if you want me to and I will be glad to meet you there asap!
It would be so so great to find lots of my Bubblemates there when the forum gets started :-)


Edit (one day later)

Anida’s ArtShell is opened!
Please come and join!!
(And be patient please, after registrating your account will not automatically been activated…I do it manual. Which means: As long as I am sleeping there is nobody to do this, LOL)


  • coppertrees
    coppertreesabout 4 years ago

    Sounds good to me.

  • Hi Vickie, glad you like the idea!
    The only thing that keeps me from opening the forum is my trial to translate the Rules and Policies into English………..hard work indeed :-)

    – Andrea Ida Rausch

  • Dawn B Davies-McIninch
    Dawn B Davies-...about 4 years ago

    sounds fabulous,dawnx

  • Hi Dawn,
    so fine to read you here, I will be glad to welcome you there as soon as I am ready….:-)

    – Andrea Ida Rausch

  • Veikko  Suikkanen
    Veikko Suikkanenabout 4 years ago

    Sounds like a good, Andrea!

  • Hi Veikko,
    I will be pleased to see you in my “new toy”, be sure to receive an invitation!

    – Andrea Ida Rausch

  • Dawn B Davies-McIninch
    Dawn B Davies-...about 4 years ago

    coooooooooooooooooooooooooool xx

  • hahahahahaha Dawn, lol
    Soo soo good to see you that enthusiastic!

    – Andrea Ida Rausch

  • Digital-Art
    Digital-Artabout 4 years ago

    das hört sich gut an Andrea…vor allen Dingen klingt deutsch in meinen Ohren wie Musik…sobald es online geht…schrei…dann komme ich geflogen und bin sehr gern dabei.


  • Es ist vor zehn Minuten online gegangen. Du hast den Link in der Bmail :-)
    Ich schalte per Hand frei, kann also dauern falls ich nicht grad online bin.

    – Andrea Ida Rausch

  • Kaleidoking
    Kaleidokingabout 4 years ago

    Great idea! I think i would join!

  • You’re welcome at any time, dear Kaleidoking!

    – Andrea Ida Rausch