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Waving An Enormous White Flag!

I surrender. I give up. I’m done. While it seriously bums me out to admit this, because I never quit on anything I commit to, even if this was supposed to be something solely for my own benefit, my project has turned into something I am deeply unhappy with. I am referring to my 1 photo a day for 100 days. As great an idea as it sounded originally, and as impressive the portfolios are of other Redbubblers who have achieved this goal, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have the quality time it takes to get a shot that I am proud of and therefore I found myself posting stuff out of this need to post for the sake of posting as opposed to posting what I am truly proud of and what meets my own personal standards. I am infinitely impressed at those who can get that magical shot day in and day out to confidently share with the world. I sadly admit here that I cannot keep up. If a moment in time appears worthy of capturing, I embrace the opportunity. Otherwise, I must move on. It amazes me how I can go for long periods of time without anything to trigger my photo fancy then suddenly BAM! I can find myself knee deep in images I can be happy with. I guess that’s what this boils down to. I was ashamed of what I’d come up with to post and dreading more of the same. I cannot work like that and I do not want those kinds of nothing images to populate a portfolio that I take seriously.

Thanks to those of you who offered your amazing support. Sorry I bailed. I hope you can understand.


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