What the ???

Is it just me or has RB changed radically? It feels like a ghost town here. Tumblin’ tumbleweeds… Does anyone else feel isolated?
RB just doesn’t seem as vibrant and thriving as it used to be…


  • Charlie Mclenahan
    Charlie Mclenahanabout 2 years ago

    Yes in my personial opinion since the removal of the group vouchers for challanges, and the spotlight on groups feature by RedBubble, almost everyone who remembers the friendly RB have gone. It will sadly only be used by graphic designers.

  • That is sad. I miss the good old days! :(

    – Ainsley Kellar Creations

  • billyboy
    billyboyabout 2 years ago

    Some days seem better than others Ainsley… but it’s true that it’s not quite what it used to be in here.
    I’ve always dug the interaction, but it feels like these days you’ve got to put a lot in to get a bit back… if I leave it a couple of days people seem to quickly forget you’re gone.

    Having said that, I’ve not found another place that’s doing any better on that front.
    So long as there’s still some good people in here like yourself, I’ll be stickin’ round :-)

  • Thanks so much for your sweet response and for reminding me why I’m still here. Your kindness means a great deal to me. It’s easy to feel lost (or forgotten) in the crowd lately.

    – Ainsley Kellar Creations

  • geof
    geofabout 2 years ago

    I feel much the same, Ainsley – are people just too busy to post, or have they burnt themselves out? I hope you stick with it though. There are still some gems of people around.

  • Oh, I’m still sticking around, especially to keep seeing terrific work from friendly faces like yours. :)
    Thanks for easing my frustration/disappointment of late.

    – Ainsley Kellar Creations

  • Noel Elliot
    Noel Elliotabout 2 years ago

    RB is what the artists make it and I still find inspiration on this site..There may not be the same traffic as before but there is still quality work to be found….I guess some people expected to make their fortunes selling work on RB and that was never going to be the case because of the plethora of web sites available to those purchasing art and photography. As for the isolation….I don’t feel that because I still interact with other RBL’ers and this site still encourages me to take photos and upload work.

  • Thanks for your input. I’m glad you are enjoying RB. I must say I never expected to sell anything here, so that doesn’t factor in my frustration. When I have been fortunate enough to sell a card or two that was just thrilling icing on the festive cake.
    I’ve never ceased to find inspiration here. It just does not seem as active as it was when I began, for instance (roughly 3 years ago). My hope is that things will eventually swing back around, at least for me. In the mean time I’ll continue to revel in the art I adore from others here…

    – Ainsley Kellar Creations

  • Charlie Mclenahan
    Charlie Mclenahanabout 2 years ago

    I do feel that RB are trying their best to loose the groups and that bond we have together… So my view is don’t let them, stay around and work around every thing RB changes. But is sad that so many are closing their groups and leaving

  • jesika
    jesikaabout 2 years ago

    Ainsley, sadly you are not the only concerned member. I have a few theories, including more complex navigation & minute thumbnails, tiny and pale fonts, difficult to read easily.
    I haven’t noticed any loss of sales, hardly ever made any LOL so no change there. But certainly fewer views, comments and favourites. And because I have a problem viewing properly, obviously I view, comment & favourite less. The circle is complete.
    I have stayed mostly because of the friendliness but it seems less welcoming now. Many of my familiar “faces” have gone, the sparkle disappeared. Maybe RB is aiming at a younger population. Or is it “under new management?”
    I don’t know the reasons and I appreciate it will never return to what I knew when I first joined many years ago. It’s very sad, morning wake up coffee & RB used to be an interesting & fun way to start my day – no longer, but where to go?
    BUT there are a few people who have become very dear friends and not just on site, people who have enriched my life and without RB, I would never have known them. Probably we’ll never meet, I don’t travel anymore and thousands of miles divide us, but these people are now precious in my life.
    We can only hope RB sees what’s happening or perhaps it only wants to sell T shirts & phone cases now?


  • gramziss
    gramzissabout 2 years ago

    Dear Ainsley killer.
    I read the comments of your friends, and I have a little explanation for what happened on RB.
    Nowadays is the era of computer and training most widespread in all universities is the Graphic Design. And I do not deny that it is creative and demand a talent.
    Everything is changing.
    In my opinion, nothing replaces a natural image based on a good handling of light and in any circumstane of lighting. I want to say an opening diaphragm suitable with any time of exposure.
    I keep my style based on the fundamentals of photography priciples and I look with pleasure on this website or other websites for photographers who remain sincere to these principles.
    Note, I have an large idea on photo shop and I avoid using it whenever possible.

    I am using the translator from French to English

  • JohnDSmith
    JohnDSmithabout 2 years ago

    I do not believe it had anything to do with the voucher,…..For me things started to slow down with the last big change,…..
    I do not get as many comments or favorites as I used to get,.. I have not change anything,..Still the some art I post,….
    That being said,….Comments and favorites being slower coming in,…But,…My views are way up,…..Really odd that many views,..but,.. not as many comments,…..So odd I think,..
    Not really knowing what`s going on,…That`s just my two cents,….???

  • Linda Lees
    Linda Leesabout 2 years ago

    I have to agree with you Ainsley. In the group I host, I feature an artist each month, 4 months ago the featured artist’s gallery received 347 views, last month the featured artist’s gallery had 55 views. I haven’t done anything different, I’ve promoted the galleries to every new member who joins the group, each week I remind members to have a look at the gallery if they haven’t yet. And it’s not just that one artist is more popular than another there’s been a steady decline in views.

    The same goes with my work, I’ll submit something that a while back would have had me thanking many people for their comments, now there’s only a few, or I have a page of feature banners and no comments from the membership of the groups where it’s been featured. Those doing the featuring for groups must often wonder why they bother. Whenever I have my work featured in a group I try to congratulate at least 2 others whose work has also been featured.

    I don’t know the reason for the decline but I’m saddened by it.

  • JaninesWorld
    JaninesWorldabout 2 years ago

    Alot of people have left Sis. I dont come here much now. I am using other great sites. I think alot of people are fed up with rb constantly changing its format, but you are right. Its very quiet now.