I’ve been away from RB lately. I need to catch up and get back to corresponding. Please forgive me if I haven’t written back or visited your glorious portfolios in a while. I plan to get up to speed soon.


Is it just me or is Redbubble no longer interested in photography/photographers? Looks like almost all graphic art on the “Found” page. Not knocking graphic art but… Sad… I remember the good old days…

What the ???

Is it just me or has RB changed radically? It feels like a ghost town here. Tumblin’ tumbleweeds… Does anyone else feel isolated?
RB just doesn’t seem as vibrant and thriving as it used to be…

Thought I'd Share AKA VERY HONORED!

I’m grateful to announce I was recently invited to be a guest lecturer at Miami University in Oxford as part of their Visiting Artist Lecture Series. In their words, “We pull artists working in a diverse range of media and occupation from business and curating to practicing artist or teacher to speak to the students about their individual art practice.”

I will focus on my TV production house and my photography. I’ll incorporate some video samples as well as artistic captures from my portfolio. The session includes a 45 minute lecture followed by a 15 minute question/answer exchange.

Additional info addressed to the students attending the evening includes: “Visiting artists, lecturers, and educators come to Miami as a part of our Visiting Artists and Guest Lec…

Extremely Grateful, Incredibly Thrilled...

Hope you don’t mind my sharing…
I had a meeting with the buyer for the Cincinnati Art Museum’s gift shop and she has ordered cards featuring my Paris collection, all in black and white, to run in conjunction with their upcoming Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit! YAY!!! I am honored to have such an exciting opportunity to get my work out there, especially in a place that I admire tremendously.
Thanks again!!!

Waving An Enormous White Flag!

I surrender. I give up. I’m done. While it seriously bums me out to admit this, because I never quit on anything I commit to, even if this was supposed to be something solely for my own benefit, my project has turned into something I am deeply unhappy with. I am referring to my 1 photo a day for 100 days. As great an idea as it sounded originally, and as impressive the portfolios are of other Redbubblers who have achieved this goal, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have the quality time it takes to get a shot that I am proud of and therefore I found myself posting stuff out of this need to post for the sake of posting as opposed to posting what I am truly proud of and what meets my own personal standards. I am infinitely impressed at those who can get that magical sh…

Bob Ross, The Legendary Painter/PBS Instructor

I recently bought some oil paints and a canvas. I am determined to take a stab (hopefully not at the canvas as I look down and see a hideous nightmare of clashing colors gooping together) at painting my very own work of (seriously questionable) art! My talents at painting/drawing/coloring stunted around age 6 (I can make quite the lively stick figure) so I’m going for an abstract look. Wish me luck. I found this Bob Ross video (you, know, the famous PBS wild haired painter/teacher who’s message was that anyone can paint) and thought I’d share it with you. It is the funniest thing I’ve EVER seen!!!