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Hello from Estonia

Welcome to the Vehendi!
Thaks for my best friend Imber Im here!
I live in small country Estonia. With my husband we have a little Guesthouse Vehendi Motell. All my days comes here.
If I have a free time, I will take my camera, and take some fotos. My favorite places is: my garden, little lake near home and my big favorite is my sun Artur Paul, but in fact all nature!
I hope you like my fotos and thank you visiting!
See you in my place:)

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Thanks again!

Thanks for a grupp “Natural Color and light” where featured my work “SULPS….”
Posted about 6 years – 1 comments

My firts featuring!

My first featuring in The Woman Photographer is “one little lake in Estonia”. / Thanks so much! / It´s my first featuring and I really happy! / Thanks everyone who watching my photos! / Aide
Posted about 6 years – 1 comments

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