My avatar was shot by Karue:

i have always found it peculiarly taxing to jot down descriptive words of myself.
(what are my likes and dislikes? where do i see myself 10 years from now? what do i do?)
thankfully,that is not the benchmark here; i can say it as simply and as plainly as possible: i love to write. i really do.
all i need is a pen and paper (figuratively of course) and a reason.

the medium is understood…the pen and paper are the means to a beautiful end, or so i choose to always believe.

the reason; an outlet for the world to see me as the sensual and soulful creature that i am.

i hope to interact and share on redbuuble-it presents a wonderful forum for creative minds! on that note-i welcome criticism (don’t hate but appreciate) :)

if at all you may need to use my work-kindly inform me…(copyright©Ahenda)


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