Santa Monica, United States

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Aglaia is an animator, painter, character designer, and voice artist.
She shows her art in numerous galleries around Los Angeles. Aglaia was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria.
At age 3 she believed aliens would come to Earth very soon. (Well done, stupid aliens!)
At age 4 she wanted to be a garbage collector.
At age 5 she was convinced she was adopted.
At age 7 she started to draw so she doesn’t have to study math.
At 14 she decided to an artist so she doesn’t have to wake up early.
At age 26, tired of waiting for aliens, she build a hot air balloon and came to Los Angeles, where she currently lives, works and hangs upside down from trees. She enjoys painting gloomy children, assorted vermin and bewildered monsters while watching television
and listening to her dog Huckleberry snoring on the couch.

  • Joined: June 2009

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