Hummm training! I think I better concentrate. Gabriella promises to stay with me during the long extensive training I am to receive. Albert says well let’s get started. Firstly Jane you are going to need to understand your hunger. It is something you can’t totally control but with practise you will be able to manage it. I have asked Gabriella to be Instructor when you’re out hunting. You can learn allot from her she is a very skilled hunter. She will look after you and guide you. I will just be your teacher.

We are not a ruthless clan of vampire and we choose out victims carefully. For years we would go out on random rampages sucking blood from whoever we pleased. These days we have become a little more civilized and selective. We usually go out on weekly hunts. But at times with practise you can hold off for 10 days. Wow I think that’s pretty full on. I am going to kill on a weekly basic, how am I going to get used to this.

You will feel something stir up inside you, it will be like an insatiable thirst. It will consume you. You will desire nothing else. You will crave and crave and crave till there is nothing else you can do but go out and suck the blood of a chosen victim.
Albert I am concerned about this killing how does it work. I know that if you release your fangs too soon you will not kill your victim so how can you be sure you get it right. Also is the victim in a lot of pain. Now Jane you will learn to tell how long is long enough and for the first few month s you will have Gabriella along side of you to finish the job if you don’t successeed. We learn to be so skilled in our craft that is ends up so quick that the victim doesn’t know what has hit them and it’s over in a few seconds and there dead with minimal pain.

Now Albert how do we select our prey? That easy Jane we go from town to town seeking out the bums and homeless people of the district. It makes us less noticeable because more time than not they are the people not missed in society. They don’t go home to love ones, they live in drains and derelict buildings so it’s a while before they are noticed if it all. Some times by the time they are noticed the rats have nibbled at them so severely that it’s not recognizable exactly how they died in the first place.

This residence we are living in at the moment is one of many residences we have all over London and the bottom part of England. We do not venture as far north as Liverpool because we would intrude on a clan of Vampires who live in that region. We do not hunt in another vampire’s domain it is an unwritten rule of etiquette amongst vampires. There are rules and laws we abide to. It keeps the peace amounst us all and we don’t want to be in trouble with the federation. The Federation Jane said you mean there is a vampire organisation. Yes Jane there is, the federation decides boundaries and rules per say. But then we have our own rules that we decide on in this clan. Some vampire clans choose tourist as their victims to try and avoid recognition. Others prey on the elderly loners in the suburbs where there death may not be detected for many weeks and then by the time they are discovered it’s a little harder to determined the cause of death and then by then we are long gone.

It’s very important Jane that you do not disclose to anyone that you are a vampire so you need to live with us permanently from now on. It is very rare that any of us venture out in daylight, it is just too risky. We hunt in the dead of night. We stay at this residence for a month then move on. We rotate between our 12 properties a month in each. You will get used to it Jane. We are your family now and will take good care of you.

In this clan there are 7 of us, 8 when they find Elizabeth. There is me Albert, there is Monique she is a gorgeous blonde women with jade green eyes (when there are not blood red) She became one of us 50 yrs ago, she was transitioned when she was 28 yrs old. There is Jonathan he has ruby red hair and hazel eyes that seem to penetrate threw you when you look at him, he has been with us for 32 yrs and he was just a lad of 17 when he was transitioned, And of course you have met Cedric and already know Michel and not to mention your friend right here Gabriella. You will meet the other later on.

We meet together every day at 7pm in the large hall. Gabriella will show you where that is a little later. During this time we discuss clan matters and arrange our next hunting trips. We never all go out on the same night. We have lots of other rooms in our residences as well, with social activates for everyone to join in. We are like one big happy family. We have a chess room and a gym. It’s actually like a big posh hotel here. You will enjoy living here Jane.

Well I think you have had enough training for the moment. I will get Gabriella to show you around and introduce you to the rest of our family. Jane welcome to our clan we hope you will be very happy here with us. Oh thanks Albert you are really putting my mind at ease and I feel like I have got a family again, that is something I haven’t felt like in a long time. You see my family brought me to London when I was very small. We travelled from the other side of the earth so it seemed. I come from LA in the USA. Jane you don’t have an American ascent. No Albert I don’t. I was very young when I came here. So all my schooling has been here in London I don’t know how long it took me to lose my ascent but pretty much I feel like a pomm as I don’t remember much about the states. Well I was an only child and my dad was a musician he wanted to play at the west end. He had played on Broadway so he joined an orchestra here and got to play at west end at the shows, he loved it. He was a very talented muso. Mum would stay home with me while dad worked. But there was this one night when I was 14 yrs old that my dad wanted my mum to come and see the show dad was playing for because it had, had special memories for mum in the past. Mum arranged for our neighbour, this elderly spinster lady with grey hair and a house full of cats, her name was Alice to mind me for the evening while mum went into the show. Alice had minded me before so we were quite good friend with her. Well this night there was a storm and the road were wet and the car mum and dad where driving back from the show in hit a tree. They were both killed instantly. So there I was this 14 yr old girl with no parents. Alice took me in with her and looked after me and that is where I stayed till I was 19 and Alice was placed in a nursing home. 2 yrs after that Alice died. So I have been on my own ever since. I chose to stay here in London instead of going back to the states to be with the family we had left behind many many years prior. So that’s my story Albert. Well you run along Jane and enjoy your tour and we will catch up later for another training session.


Lindy -Jane

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Part 3 First day of training

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