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My name is Lindy.
I live in Melbourne.

I enjoy looking at and reading the works of all the wonderfully tallented people who display on Red bubble.
What amazes me the most is how young some of them are, and the potential they display.
Keep up the good work.

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My friends in Atlanta have finally got facebook, I have only been suggesting it to them for ages now. Anyway they want me to go back and visit. (If only I could I would be packed in 5 minutes.) One of them has always wanted to look after me and from conversations with two of them that is what they are hinting. It is so lovely to think they are so interested in my well being and from such a long d…
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A week has passed

A week has past since I heard from My father. / I am over the shock now. I have been corresponding with him and his wife all week via email. There is a lot of missunderstandings and diferent recollection of events, but I don’t feel that I want to delve into all that right now, it would be like opening a pandoras box. We are going to take it really slow and get to know each other gradually …
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My head is spinning

My life has just taken a turn, too early to know if it’s for the better or not. But is going ok so far. Out of the blue I get contacted by email from my father’s wife. My father has not been part of my life all my life…. This lady says he wants to meet me. .. I find out I have 3 half brothers… I always in the back of mind new existed but was never sure that the resource that told me …
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What is an apology?

What is an apology? / *A token gesture to keep the peace. / *Is it important if it’s sincere or not. / *Can sincerity be faked? / *Is it just to appease the other person? / OR / *Is it a genuine expression that brings healing? / I would like to think it’s a genuine expression that brings healing. I believe it opens the door for forgiveness and breaks down barriers, where communication has been lo…
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