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Affects and art

Geometry and colour are two primitives that appeal to our eye: they affect us with an immediacy that figurative art dare not deny. But, the power of colour and mathematically resolved shape can draw attention and satisfy the eye without necessarily engaging and holding aesthetic interest. We might look once but then we are done.

Abstraction is one way to extend the looking time. Or, more importantly, the shifting boundary between abstraction and figuration is an important affective space. As the eye is invited by the abstraction’s proximity to a formed figure, so the attention shifts from a semi-conscious immediacy of affect (just looking) to a more defined conscious realisation of effect (that looks like something). Keith Russell

Other ideas can be found on my Knol:

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Knol and Beyond

Not much art going on with me at the moment – I’ve been mucking around with Google’s new toy – KNOL. / Finally I have my Knol working – you often have to do extended searches to see anything – but hey, it’s new. / This is me / http://knol.google.com/k/keith-russell/keith-russell / enjoy
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First Sale

As I’m walking out the door for Melbourne – I just discovered I have made my first red Bubble sale to a mystery buyer! / Thanks heaps – you’ve made my day. / Crad bouight
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away from the Bubble

Hey, I’m off to Melbourne (home of the Bubble) for a week or so – so please forgive me if I don’t respond promptly. / cheers – keith
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Affect Machine in Orbit

Hey guys – I’ll be in orbit for the next week – trip to Texas – so please understand if I don’t reply for awhile – I’ll miss all the visual stimulation. / keith
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