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Melbourne, Australia

Drawing seems to run in the family.

I was heavily influenced by comic book art as a teenager, something I inevitably grew out of, but it was replaced with a zealous passion about cars.

Ink and the automotive form was an easy thing for me to get into, but a lifetime to truly master. I keep stretching my artistic boundaries with graphite, colour pencil, markers and the odd foray into acrylic and oils.

I am not a prolific artist by any stretch of the imagination, as I generally churn out one finished piece per year. There are lots of failures and botched attempts in the interim of course, but it’s all part of the journey to improve and develop as an artist.

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Long Time No See...

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually done anything at RedBub, a few events about a year ago left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. More to do with the politics of “art” rather than the fantastic people who are on the site. And of course I had some personal issues to work through last year which put a major crimp on my art and caused me a huge amount of grief …
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She’s gone. / As it turns out, she was on her last legs and after one final hurrah, finally succumbed to the rigors of failing internals and old age. I will miss the old girl. Four years of happiness, vanished. / So then I am on the prowl for a young one to whet my appetite. / The question is I don’t have much spare cash on me at the moment, and these girls charge loads of money. And …
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I’ve finally got my PC back after having lost it last week due to a mysterious illness. The chief medic recommended a full reformat and reboot, but after having run some diagnostics I found that certain funnel tests on my harddrive were failing, all on the same sector. This led to the conclusion that after more than 4 years, the PC was on its last legs and probably wouldn’t survive mu…
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The Photogg In Me

I’ve never been a photographer. A few happy snaps here and there, a cheesy grin or two and the odd impromptu of a passing (or parked) car. I tend to take a camera to all the carshows I’ve been to but anyone who’s been to carshows will know how hard it is to take a good photo. There are always people standing in the way, the light isn’t right, there are too many reflections…
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