I prefer to work purely in the natural landscape, although some of my images are also cityscapes.

My earlier works were from film, principally Fuji Velvia – a magic film – but more recent images are from dSLR digital images. I always shoot RAW then post-process, although the snob in me tries to keep the amount of digital darkroom stuff to a minimum. Many of the larger images are stitched panoramas, and I am a huge fan of Autopano Pro for that purpose.

I hope my work can be classified as fine-art photography, but – really – only you can tell me that. Please enjoy them anyway.

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A slight hiatus is in order ...

I’ve been lucky enough to stumble into a commissioned project, the objective of which is to produce a photo-essay that documents the passage of the seasons through an impressively large private garden. Since it’s a private garden and a private project I’m not at liberty to describe it in great detail. / The project sponsor saw my work from an associated project and must have fe…
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