Some more info about me

Hello all!

I’m very pleased to be here, RB seems to be a very comfy site at the moment! I’ll try to upload a work everyday/ two days until I have show you the best of my old stuff, then I’ll move on.

I’m gonna give you some links to interviews and the like for you to know me more in case you’re interested:

Manips Tips & Tricks @ deviantArt
Phirebrush Interview
2Edged Magazine
UCE Life Magazine

Also I’m in Advanced Photoshop Magazine’s issue of this month ;)

Other sites where you can find me:
My official website & Portfolio
The Untapped Source

Well, have a great weekend! And thanks all for the support! :)

PS: By the way, is it possible to reply to comments here? It seems I’m unable to find that option!

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