Edward A. Lentz

Edward A. Lentz

Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada

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My photography tries to capture what I see as the most expressive, interesting, moving and beautiful of what I see around me. I interpret the emotive qualities of my subjects, as well as look for the symbolic in subjects through which I can express my own thoughts and feelings. I particularly love Canadian winters (storms, deep snows, cold weather) and try to create art that reflects the range of feelings, emotions and sensibilities (as well as challenges) that the season evokes and creates. I hope my photographic interpretations touch something in the hearts and minds of viewers.

I also photograph the artwork of my wife, Penny Vogan . Please follow the link to enjoy her artwork on RedBubble.

Featured Member in the Group Beautiful BC (British Columbia, Canada) (January 28, 2012; July 15, 2012; December 22, 2012)
Featured Member in the Group Artists Universe (June 2011)
Featured Member in the Group Mornings & Evenings, Sunbeams & Storms (May 23, 2011)
Featured Member in the Group Every Little Thing You Do (January 2011)

My photography has been featured in the art & photography groups: #1 Artists of RedBubble; 100 to 499 Viewings; Achromatic Nature; All Things Cool Artistic & Awesome; Amateur Photographers’ Association; Art For Sale; Artists Universe; As Is; Beach Debris, Driftwood & Boat Wrecks (formerly known as Flotsam & Jetsam); Beautiful BC (British Columbia, Canada); Best of Anything & Everything; Blooms (All Seasons); Bugs & Animals on Flowers in Macro; Canadian Artists & Art; City Life is the Only Life; Closeups in Nature; Every Little Thing You Do; Everything Ends; Film Photography; Extreme Close-Ups; Going Coastal; Greeting Cards; High Quality Images (formerly known as Complex Simplicity); Inanimate Emotions; Islands, Islands, Islands (formerly known as My Island Home); Islands of the World; Let There Be Light!; Man’s Best Friend; Mornings & Evenings, Sunbeams & Storms; Mourning; Naturally Black & White; Nature in Its Entirety (formerly known as All That Is Nature); Northern Ontario; Old Thing are Vintage; Pacific Northwest Photography; The Power of Simplicity; “Real” Life Photography; Shopfronts; Toronto: A City & Its Photographers; Totally Amateur Photography (no SLRs); Wildflowers of the World

  • Age: 57
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